“Wrong Side of the Bed” Squid Game: The Challenge Aftermath Podcast with Player 404 Ned Swart

Breaking down Squid games the challenge with Ned!

We dive deep with everything that went down in his game and get the full breakdown of what went on.

Spoilers for episode 1-6 are listed in this episode!

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  1. Oh my gosh his marbles story is bringing tears to my eyes…how awful! I like Ned.

  2. Did Ned get to meet Figgy? Would be so cool since he’s such a huge survivor fan!

  3. Another great one. Sharing laughter is the best medicine 😂👍Thanks for letting this interview run a little longer

  4. Oh he mentioned unlucky number 4 in the phone test!!!

  5. Can you interview player 258 ? Everyone seems to love her but the fans dont know her

  6. BABES CHICKEN IS THE BEST!!! (New Yorker loves dallas)

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