Why Traffic Lights Have Cameras 😬


  1. The use for those cameras is for Insurance purposes also. If ever involved in an accident your Lawyer can request a copy of the recording by the city. ❤❤

  2. Antifa: I guess I can't throw rocks at it

  3. They are mainly used to decide what side is backed up and what color to switch to

  4. Cops also use them in APB scenario if they're looking for a car or in a pursuit of someone

  5. I used to think some one just stay up all day doing green lights and red lights

  6. bro that car was dodging every obstacle 💀

  7. I want to know why do Reese’s cups have ridges 😢

  8. That's why Google can tell what route has lesser traffic..

  9. 75 dollars for a fine what state is that in that's cheap I know it's not California

  10. Reminds me of the time on Top Gear where they stood on the side of the road in front of a speed camera waiting for someone to speed and get their picture taken

  11. Incorrect, there's always someone watching them making sure to turn the traffic light red whenever I'm about to make it past it.

  12. It's actually quite convenient. If some pea brain runs the light and takes out a vehicle or pedestrian that can through there but in jail with that proof.

  13. Bruh literaly on my country they photograph our plate and then include it on our tax

  14. It looked like they were measuring social credit points 💀

  15. …. Dont think of them as traffic lights as “stop” lights but = car catchers 💯. Thats their REAL purpose, not safety 🍻. AND a conditioning method to abuse your 4th amendment right ✅ .

  16. It’s also used for tracking vehicles that are wanted. They are all connected and that’s how they have tracked down many kidnappers and saved the Victims.

  17. I drive an very recognizable truck I should probably behave more now

  18. They are to see if there is a car infront of the traffic light ig. Probably movements to make it green faster.

  19. But they are pretty much totally incapable of spotting motorcyclists for a light rotation, causing us to have to sit there until a car comes, or until it’s safe to run it🥲

  20. That's interesting. I live in Frisco, TX. The fastest developed city in the US, with "ground-breaking roads" (which sucks by the way) and innovative technology, such as these. And they don't work. You'll sit at a red light with 100 cars for minutes waiting for the 1 vehicle to make their green light from 3 lights away.

  21. 75$ for crossing the red light, we got 750$ for the first time 2500 and jail for the second in saudi arabia

  22. Instead of stating the obvious how about people who do videos like this make teaching videos for adults on how to drive

  23. He’s just covering it up to keep the secrets from being exposed 😯

  24. I thought the cameras check if everything goes correctly

  25. Do people thing those things are going to photograph your car if you run a red light? I thought it was common knowledge that their main purpose is monitoring traffic flow to decide the red light intervals…

  26. We have no traffic lights in pakistan😅😅

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