Why Disloyal Adaptations Are Better — The Last of Us

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The Last of Us is a better show than game. Here’s why.


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0:00 – Why Good Adaptations Need (some) Disloyalty
5:10 – The Power of Hindsight
6:58 – Will Season 2 Be Just As Good?
9:49 – Joel’s Motivation Works Better
11:29 – Solving The Game Adaptation Curse
14:18 – Fixing A Problem The Game Couldn’t
15:16 – Why The Show Has More Tension
18:55 – What Works For One Medium Won’t For Another
21:16 – When They Disrespect The Source Material
26:46 – Closing Thoughts


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  1. i think the best way to enjoy the TLO is sees it as a standalone show and not associate it with the game

  2. I don't think what you're describing in this video is "being unfaithful" to the game. It's simply doing a good job at adapting the story to a different medium. Being disloyal would be making Joel immediately care about Elli. What makes something disloyal is when you change the characters and/or story so much to the point they're unrecognisable.

  3. Loyalty is bad
    talks about one of the most loyal video game adaptations

  4. I was really impressed by the first episode and the show in general, but as the show progressed and after the last episode aired, I couldn't help but feel really dissapointed 😔

    I loved that they expanded upon the story and the cordyceps origin. I also appreciated some changes in story, like, I was really touched by ep. 3 and I appreciated the narrative approach..

    But I hated the way the show just literally copy-pasted scenes and dialogues from the game. I felt some (changes in) dialogue were too on the nose, and not every story beat landed as good as it did in the game… And if you're just going to copy the game, why even bother making it in the first place? Then what message are you trying to convey as a writer, director or showrunner?

    In the end, the show did a good job, I did enjoy it for a while, but I think the game was a far better medium to tell this specific story.

    TLOU didn't have a particularly new or unique story and tbh, it is quite a mediocre one, but it worked so – so – good for gaming… In the end, the wow effect I had at the beginning of the show just slowly faded.. I just couldn't stop thinking that something was missing or that something felt off.. It made me realize that I like(d) Joel and Ellie from the game a lot better..

    And it only made me appreciate the game even more.. I think the game just does a far better job at telling Joel and Ellies story.

  5. hey it would be epic if you talked about one of my favorite foreign films: the Ugandan film Who Killed Captain Alex. the writing, pacing, action sequences, and cinematography is top notch and i really haven’t seen any film channels cover it

  6. Tommy was mentioned multiple times before you stumble upon him. Between Joel and Tess before her death, and between Ellie and Joel at least twice before arriving at the dam.

  7. It is baffling to see someone who misses the point of episode VIII so badly make such adequate comments on the last of us

  8. Dead by daylight movie live action they should do

  9. I like and agree with many points here. It is a brilliant adaptation that takes advantage of good source material to make it greater in a different medium.

    But it is unfair to compare a book or book series adaptation (where you have too much source material and have to decide what to keep, cut, or revise) and a video game adaptation (where the source material is so thin you have nowhere to go but up). I haven't even seen The Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones, but it seems dissonant to bring them to a discussion about video games like Mario or Tomb Raider or whatever else. Just a thought.
    But I do like the video overall.

  10. Thanks for making this video! Haven’t seen the show or game, yet it’s still educational 😀

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  11. I felt the show was just too much, too fast and too rushed, and all unearned payoffs. Unfortunately, Pedro is not the actor to deliver those devastating lines in such an emotionally powerful way the like Troy did in the game. He’s serviceable and solid, and if you never played the game before you’d have no problem with his or Bella’s performance. But knowing the source material inside out, he lacks the gravitas to sell those crushing moments. It doesn’t help that the writing pushes the show at breakneck speed, so the final decisions lack any of the power that they require. They should’ve split the first game into two seasons, or made the season longer with more episodes. Let the story breathe. TLOU isn’t an action zombie game; it’s a tense, horror/drama with action sequences to break it up. The show isn’t horrible, probably a 7.5/10 for me. The last episode was disappointing for most of the reasons I listed above, when you know the source material inside out and played the game so many times, this show (and the last episode in particular) is a painfully disappointing adaptation about one of the most heartbreaking games of all time.

  12. Another example (also starring Ashley Johnson) is The Legend of Vox Machina. The first season was a very faithful adaptation of the events in the campaign, and it was great. But season 2 breaks from the events in the campaign. It keeps major story beats, but deviates from many of the details.

    I think you used the wrong example for someone who doesn't like the source. The better example is Zack Snyder. Rian Johnson (as far as I know) never said he didn't like Star Wars. Snyder explicitly said he doesn't like "normal" comic books. You can look at everything he's said, and all the changes he made, and they line up 1:1. He didn't like comics until he read Watchmen. So he turned all the DC characters into their Watchmen counterparts. Batman is a violent, cynical retiree – like Rorschach. Superman is a disconnected god – like Dr. Manhattan. Luthor is a flamboyant genius who thinks he's saving the world by creating a monster – like Ozymandias.

    Johnson on the other hand tried to subvert a lot of Star Wars tropes, and inject some interesting concepts in places where there weren't any. Ultimately, I think his biggest problem was that he backed away at the last minute. Instead of following through on some of the interesting aspects, he went back to formula. Specifically, during the throne room fight, where instead of Ben and Rey being able to meet in the middle and reject the extremes of both the Jedi and the SIth, and form something new, they just went back to their respective corners and got back to fighting each other. Instead of exploring the role of money in the conflict, the Del Toro character just disappears. He chickens out halfway through, and we get this Frankenstein's Monster of a movie with pieces that don't make sense together.

  13. Lauren Hissrich needs to watch this video and then fuck out of the public eye.

  14. I loved the show. But I wish they would have put the “Left Behind” episode with Riley after they get out of KC/after Sam and Henry die. Where they put it breaks the immersion in a major climbing action, but I think it would have fit perfectly during the “3 Months Later” between then and when they go to Jackson. Not only did Ellie lose another friend to Cordyceps in a similar way, but it would make sense for her to be thinking about it after watching Henry have to kill someone he loves for the same reason she did. It also would make sense as she and Riley talk about FEDRA vs the Fireflies and they had just escaped a place where they could see a community after the fall of FEDRA.

  15. Bruh, I never thought I'd love how you put this video essay. Just stumbled upon your channel. 👍 subscribes.

    TLOU TV series is thes best we have so far. Hope it'll stay until the next seasons(s).

  16. Great video but sorry bro, best adaptation is still Arcane. It's much harder to adapt a videogame story from a game like League of Legends than from a narrative cinematic single player videogame.

  17. Wheel of time spoilers.

    Would have to argue on the ethnicity of the Two Rivers. Rand (and most Aiel) are more Irish looking, naturally pale, and with red or blonde hair being the norm.

    The only things that set Rand apart from the Two Rivers were hair and eye color being the most obvious difference.

    So now you have to balance those facts with everyone thinking Rand was mixed race between Kari and Tam (Tam being from the Two Rivers). Medium to Olive range. We can also use the actors Robert Jordan had on his dream casting. It would also fit with a tanned redhead.

    It's not WoT doesn't have a wide range of skin tones and culture, especially for fantasy novels from its time. I think it's just insane to hear darker and not exactly white or pale and go "yeah that's black." Especially when they refer or get referred to characters of dark skin like the Seanchan.

    So we have enough evidence that the Two Rivers are not black but more medium.

  18. I think Arcane is the best game adaptation. And cyberpunk anime is also up there.

  19. The show is brilliant but it feels to me that you really undermine the game, the game is amazing and some of those critics are simply untrue.

    Also, in the game, a LOT if the narration happens during the gameplay, and you only talk about the cutscenes, missing literally half of the story beats of the game.

    I love both, but the show really feels rushed and doesn't work as much as the game on some aspects. The infected are missing in most episodes, the hive mind they create in the show is completely useless past Tess death, the relationship between Joel and Ellie is changing to quickly without being properly developed, when Joel calls her baby girl in episode 8, it feels out of place, the last episode and Joel killing his way through Ellie is not working as well as in the game, first because it's rushed and because as a spectator it's easier to stay outside of the character, unlike the game where you have to do those action yourself. Most players agree with Joel's choice to kill everyone to save Ellie, especially parents, most spectators of the show seem to not agree with hia choice, even parents. Too bad.

    I think the show could have been perfect with 2 to 4 more episodes.

    Anyway, both are brillant, and I agree that some changes are welcome in the show, not before they are better but because they fit the medium better.

    And The Last of Us Part 2 is amazing, one of the best game ever made, and Abby one of the best character ever written. The fan base got divided because a lot of people don't understand the point of the story, have no capability of understanding the point of view of who they consider a vilain, or understanding that a character they loved was in fact a vilain.

  20. Fight and stealth sequences are not fun in The Last of Us, they are tense and slow, there is zero ludo-narrative dissonance, in fact this game was litterally built as a response to that same critic about Uncharted 2.

  21. You probably didn't understand Star Wars 8, because Luke doesn't try to kill Kylo, the thing you show is a distorted memory from Kylo, nit what actually happen…

    Star Wars 8 is easily the best movie in the saga, and Luke is totally consistent and interesting, unlike in any other movie. That's litterally the best Luke of the entire saga, not the crying baby of the original trilogy.

    By the way, the choice of Luke isolating on an island on a remote planet is not from SW8 but from SW7. Ryan Johnson just took that choice he didn't make, and did the best he could have with it. If Luke left decades ago, there is absolutely no reason that he would come back because Rey asks him too, he says in the movie "do you think i came here for no reason at all ?". Of course not. But he still choose to save the resistance and confront Kylo one last time by using all his remaining strength to project on the beautiful planet and buy the others some time.

    It's not perfect, but it is really really smartly written.

  22. This was a great video highlighting a lot of things I agreed with! Your points were well articulated and the last of us was a gripping show for exactly the reasons you point out. Very nice work. 🙂

  23. I understand your point about letting the same writer redo the story, but there are some writers who have done that in the past and have made such egregious changes. Just like any other writer would have. Imagine. JK Rowling directing a new Harry Potter series.
    I think my hat goes off to Neil Druckmann in having the humility to rewrite his story and acknowledge the criticism and what could have been done better in the story.

  24. Ah yes, the show that spent one entire fucking episode focusing on an inconsequential relationship between those two gay dudes (simply because the writer wanted to "trick people into watching a gay romance"), and focused on ANYTHING else but the actual main characters and the story, yeah, it's so fucking amazing, best show ever, 1000000000000000000000000/10. Give me a break with this bs lmao

  25. 15:00 That was one of my favorite changes. But EP3 despite being near perfect, retroactively made that correction fruitless and made me facepalm because out of Bill's massive arsenal, Joel decided to take only a bolt action rifle.

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