WHITE: MELODY OF DEATH (2011) Scare Score | Movie Recap

How scary is WHITE: MELODY OF DEATH? Find out as we break down this South Korean horror film based on a K-POP Girl group!

Background Song: Ghost Stories Incorporated – Alone With Your Voices

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  1. So thankful for this channel telling me about all these Asian movies I'd never know existed

  2. If my TV suddenly start up and played Never Gonna Give you Up, i'd sing and dance to it instead

  3. Bro the parts where you edited in "accidental" rewinds of your video cause of the part where the girl accidentally presses a button in the recording studio that replays a part of the recording- freaked me out lmao. Please tell me that's intentional & is happening for others LOL

  4. Sounds like an everyday thing for K-pop stars

  5. You should've made a warning about the flashing lights.

  6. ah, this brings back memories! one of my first intros to k-horror, you've definitely earned a sub! <3

  7. I've watched this one like five times already! I love this one so much, and your one missed call is my favorite. I always wonder if YouTube channels can tell how many people are currently watching their videos.

  8. Great movie😊😊😊
    Also fame can go to far

  9. oh thats Hahm Eun-jung from Kpop group T-ara playing.. Eun-joo

  10. Fun fact: The actress that play Eunjoo is Hahm Eunjung, from a real kpop girl group called T-ara.
    The girl group Pure in this movie is actually another real kpop girl group called After School.
    The host guy next to Eunjoo when announcing the winner is Lee Junho, from boy group called 2PM.

  11. Oooh. Loved this one. We definitely need more idol horror. It's such a brutal industry and fame is so fragile. (Like just the existence of sponsors is icky??) Add ghosts and it's always more fun.

    Gotta wonder though, if they had simply credited this poor dead woman with the song would she have continued her killing spree? But also what did Soon-ye really do to deserve being haunted? She didn't steal songs.

  12. I watched this movie in 2013 and I still listen to the OST until this day 🧡

  13. Can I ask who's the actress portraying white

  14. I have decided if I go to Japan I am not getting a room with a TV , vcr , turning off my cell phone , not exploring, Inot going to an onsen , etc… Oh to hell with it cross Japan off the list . Also Indonesia. hell there are probably farting curses and nose picking curses lol.

  15. Eun Ju was going for sainthood or something. I'd kick their little dongsaeng, hoobae, asses if they spoke to me like that😤'. Just want to add that I loved the ambiguous ending, did Soon Ye die in the fire or survive and become the next victim?

  16. This deserves to have a remake . Especially kpop is still dominating the music industry

  17. Another gem that you recommended! Please keep up the great work Horror Mine!

  18. great vid! just wanted to clarify:

    choi wasnt trying to save her, he was trying to save his own ass. + the other group members made her drink the bleach, it wasn't suicide. these things are more clear when you can understand korean

  19. The members except Eunjoo deserves to die tbh😒

  20. trust me you don't want to be white.i wish i was a different skin tone some time's

  21. I watched this multiple times on netflix and have been trying to find a copy/a way to download it ever since netflix took it off their platform. I already knew why the girl was targetted despite not being part of the group on stage that sang it. Others have aaid it but it's because during the recording/live performance she sang as the background singer. So she's guilty of helping them use and profit off the song that belonged to the original singer. It was a bittersweet ending because of it. She didn't deserve to be targetted but since she helpped the group, she was an accomplice. I think she was killed or at least tormented.

  22. This movie was so good! It's one of those hidden gems

  23. I kinda remember that there's this one movie called Ghost on Air, but instead of K-Pop, it's a radio horror story telling program… It have some sort of similar plot with the living main protagonist stole his late girlfriend's horror stories despite being warned by her to specifically NOT read her stories

  24. Eunjoo didn't sleep with the sponsor for the main spot she did it for the information the sponsor gave about the fire

  25. i think the reason for the whole eunjoo sleeping with the sponsor thing is in there because this film is also criticizing the dark parts of the kpop industry. unfortunately, this sort of thing is VERY common. young women go into the industry hoping to become famous, and are taken advantage of along the way… it's really awful, and i appreciate this movie MUCH more since it does highlight the parts of the kpop/idol industry many people tend to either ignore or not think about.

  26. I admitted after this movie, now Oshi no Koi.

  27. Imagine if she just plays the White tape and the TV just:

    "My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104. This is my confession."

  28. Not Lee-Junho making a cameo 😂😂😂❤

  29. This movie needs a sequel. Need to know what happened to Soonye

  30. I watched this movie today. I had been meaning to watch it since months, finally got the print and I knew that I would not be disappointed. That song was creepy yet beautiful and as the movie progressed it got creepier. "Don't you think it's hot in here?"

  31. I knew that was my girl Hahm Eun Jung. I was thinking damn that Eun Ju looks just like Eun Jung and boom wikipedia pulls through lol

  32. I've been wanting to watch this movie for years! I can't find it streaming

  33. The return of the king! Gonna watch this while I munch on some chips! 😂

  34. A kpop horror movie?! This is gonna be interesting

  35. hi Vic, I'm still here and watching every video💗

  36. So a few days ago I looked up the cast for ringu ringu 2 and ringu 0 birthday and I saw that sadako is played by the same actress in all three

  37. The K-pop industry is already f-ed up and someone thought adding a cursed VHD tape to the mix was a good idea!

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