WHITE: MELODY OF DEATH (2011) Scare Score | Movie Recap

How scary is WHITE: MELODY OF DEATH? Find out as we break down this South Korean horror film based on a K-POP Girl group!

Background Song: Ghost Stories Incorporated – Alone With Your Voices

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  1. The only scary thing about K-Pop are their zealous fans and the extreme cosmetic surgeries.
    Isn't there a horror movie about a struggling singer trying to maintain her beauty and fans or gets kidnapped by one of her them?

    Is there one or am I confusing it with an American sit-com?

  2. I love this movie the first time I saw it. Think I watched it on youtube

  3. You’re literal playbacks are a nice touch! You’re such a creative reviewer

  4. After watching so many Korean horror movies, I have never seen White.
    Thank you Vik for introducing me to this gem (I pause the video to watch the movie first then coming back)

    Would like to recommend one of my favourites, REC (2007) a Spanish found footage horror.
    Best to watch it without any prior information.

  5. PLS review & recap Fatal Frame the movie, it flopped so bad but the story (minus the whole Camera Obscura arc) and aesthetic / atmosphere are definitely worth it.

  6. I remember this I hardly see anyone talk about this, I had fun watching it

  7. More Asian horror!! You're basically the only channel to cover them and they are so much scarier than Western movies

  8. The actual movie is just okay but the video is so entertaining

  9. i've been looking for this video since a video essay on the dark side of the kpop industry dropped ! thank you so much <3 love the editing, and as always i love your work 😀

  10. Dont worry about not being able to replicate the success of the Squid Game video. Because the ones who are viewing your videos consistently will grow in due time and will stick with you since they actually like your videos and editing and not just because of a certain series.

  11. 15:47 Not gonna lie, this part is kinda hilarious because it seems like the ghost is dancing in her own strange way. Reminded me of that spoof of The Ring where Sadako posed in a funny way whenever the light flickered.

  12. Asian ghosts are just so vengeful than Western ghosts HAHA

  13. 6:43 is me.. I'm that One Dude…. When I get to meet all my biases…

  14. I love it, the whole video. Held me till the end (which is pretty hard to do cause i have a job interview scheduled 30mins from now thus I am anxious xD). Very Well Done

  15. You left out that Sun-Ye did backup vocals of the high notes in the booth for them as well. That's why the curse wasnt over.

  16. I can see Ringu and Ju On influenced this film as they did with numerous other Asian horror movies. Well done my man!

  17. They take turn the grudge and ringu in to one because of tape thats from ringu and rage/curse from grudge movie

  18. if youre sailing the seas looking for this movie, it also goes by the name White: Melody of the Curse.

  19. You be covering films i haven't seen before. And you're the only channel i know that does a scare score. Good music background. I think you do a pretty good job scoring these films.

  20. Been waiting for weeks but ended up late lol hahaha

  21. Wahahaha the mini playbacks or the ghost haunting me

  22. Haha, this was a great review, so good I watched it twice! So good I watched it twice! So good I watched it twice!

  23. Every time I watch this movie I get the song stuck in my head and turning on the light never helps, but with your help hopefully this will now become a thing that turns into a Rick Roll and I will be eased. I'm so glad you did this, I asked about it ages ago because this is an absolute favourite of mine. The music, performances, and the showing of the dark undercurrent that seems to exist in most music industries simply being given some extra weight with the addition of a vengeful spirit.

    Personally, mirror things freak me out a LOT in horror movies, so the Sin-ji scare is one of the most horrifying of the scenes for me, but death of Eun-joo somehow always gets me. Maybe it's because that seems like such a horrifying way to die, and consistently watching her face as it happens and the noises is just… oo it makes my bones feel wrong.

    Thank you so much for covering this!! 😘😘

  24. Hello sir could you please tell me where you saw this movie as I am trying to search but not getting it anywhere ?

  25. 'Which if you are regular on the channel is no ,never a good idea',bro i have been here since you did not even started scare score , 🤣

  26. There is no danger of these anymore, no one has any vhs player nowadays

  27. I absolutely adored this film!!!
    Could you please do "moui curse of the portrait" next?!?!

  28. i saw this movie as a kid and just knew asian horror movies were the real deal

  29. Where's other horror movies who are also deserving to be featured here?
    Ouija by Philippines?
    Coming soon by Thailand?
    The maid by Singapore
    Muoi by Korea

  30. I remember when this movie came out while I was in high school and I had to watch it in 4 parts online (hoping for subtitles )

  31. they really should have just asked Mariah Carey for help with this if they wanna reach impossibly high notes

  32. I used to sing this melody to scare my younger sibling.
    Works everytime hahaha

  33. Can anybody recommend me any movie like this one(˃̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣ )

  34. Me trying to watch my old vhs of princess monoke

    *gets cursed for no reason *

  35. Knew I recognized Eunjung from T-ARA 🙌 this movie looks very good

  36. Please make a review about “Feng Shui 2”!!!

  37. My little recommendation would be the amazingly hidden thai gem "Art of the Devil" trilogy
    Much fun for the whole family

  38. Important thing to remember here Eun-joo's actress in the film is part of T-ara dedicated fandom for her is Queens . can also explain the Mnet clip here

  39. This film was surprisingly good for a dive into a unique premise! Don't think I've ever heard of a scary K-Pop movie before!

  40. Horror Mine ! One of your biggest fan here ever since day 1… Anyway, if your looking for a new film to do your awesome scare score, may I suggest an old film from Korea called “The Call” It’s like one of those psychological suspense type…. Also another old film from The Philippines called “Shake Rattle and Roll”… Thanks and keep it up!

  41. Pls do a video on “The eyes of my mother”

  42. Oh wow. I watched this a while ago as a child! I never noticed that other tape XD

  43. I love the OST of Pink Dolls -White. I sometimes set this as a ringtone.

  44. Aw its alright Horror Mine, I know that some people like me looks forward to your recaps. I'm too afraid to watch it alone so this is such a good way to know the film.

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