when the Squid Game Guards make you play the Honeycomb challenge at this Playground, RUN AWAY FAST!!

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*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.

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  1. I know why they have red seats because they when they shoot there’s blood going everywhere so they have to have read suits

  2. If u have to play game 6 u need to fight to the death im sorry 😭😭😭😭😩😭😩

  3. the leader had a broke arm in blue and at the start the squid game person had a broke arm in blue so it might be the same person

  4. Ur really lucky cuz u Dint need to play game 6 bro i alreaddy told u

  5. the guns are nerd guns so they dont kill you

  6. and on the mask you can see there face

  7. I love your videos I will help you if I can

  8. How do you run away you will get shot
    Btw I know this is fake

  9. Ihopeyourokay
    Edit: but that’s very scary I’m scared for you

  10. Stromedy or janna plz tell me if this is real

  11. Hi can you try to find long face again I keep smiling in my location

  12. Hi okay I need you to look for long face is everywhere in my location there’s two of them at least three of them can you help pleaseCan you look for your next video please

  13. Prime capital is my favorite YouTube channel in the world even though I never watched every YouTube channel. This channel gives me the creeps but is also really funny I love you honest Channel those people that try to break into houses is amazing I love those videos Rihanna I don't know how you stay home and do those videos I would be great being out and crying.

  14. I love your videos stromedy keep it up!

  15. Him Money doesnt Grow on tress
    Luke Davidson be like:😡

  16. Exynos muite de scheciuri să încerce să descarc


  18. Hi I’m a big fan I live in erup and I lov u and ur gf u so cute

  19. Your probably paying people to dress up as them also we’re are there hoods

  20. why did he waste all that money on just one video

  21. That's fake cause they would have hoods on and they would have actual guns every single thing that comes out like a movie you'll have to copy it and say it's real but it's not

  22. And stop making every single thing that comes out like a slike a scary thing

  23. When the guards surrounded the car did u see the other ppl watching them 😂

  24. Hiren from India Hey Stromedy. Stromedy squid games guild run fast away.

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