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Explaining the official names and job title of the guards from Squid Game. Explaining Squid Game (2021) Explained.

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  1. Square: Manager, Supervisor, OverseerTriangle: Guard, SoldierCircle: Worker, Employee, Staff

  2. cool i never thought about that

  3. Square = Manager
    Triangle = Soldier 🔺only ones with guns
    Circle = Worker

  4. The ranks and titles of the Staff in Squid Game are the following.

    Front Man: He doesn't count as a member of the staff but he does lead them and carry out the Host's requests. Staff that do not take requests from him and likely don't know much about him call him the "Leader". He is the Operations Manager of the Facility and has authority over the Staff at the facility.

    Square: Manager/Supervisor (Supervisors watch cameras while Managers make sure the Staff below them do their job.)

    Triangle: Soldier (They eliminate players and guard the facility.)

    Circle: Worker/Driver (Workers place bodies in containers and incinerate corpses. They also deliver food to other Staff and players. Drivers are an alternate job that they are trained specifically how to complete properly.)

    Server: (The servers serve the VIPs food and drink.)

    The people that work there are called staff according to the announcements and a few other sources. Like when one of the Mangers said, "We do not disclose the identity or personal/private information of our staff."
    Regardless of the name of the music they played, a Soldier is a rank of Staff, but not the title of all of them.

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