What If Squid Game: The Challenge Guards Entered the Love Is Blind Pods? (Sketch) | Netflix

Ever wondered what Squid Game: The Challenge guards get up to when they go back to their pods? What if they entered the Love Is Blind pods to find love?

Thank you to @wongfupro
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What If Squid Game: The Challenge Guards Entered the Love Is Blind Pods? (Sketch) | Netflix

In this reality competition show inspired by “Squid Game,” 456 players put their skills to the ultimate test for a life-changing $4.56 million prize.


  1. which one’s easier? getting out of the pods or getting out of squid game? 😳

  2. This is a bit random, someone was like "OI I AV AN IDEA I DO LETS MAKE THE GUARDS KISS"

  3. I want this. Kill two birds with one stone. Love is Blind and Squid Game the Challenge.

  4. this is goofy but okay i kinda shiped square and circle

  5. This whole time I’m like it’s giving Wong Fu Productions… It is Wong Fu lol 🤭

  6. Okay but…I’ll genuinely be would watch this…NETFLIX MAKE IT HAPPEN

  7. They shouldve made it like the viewer can choose the decisions and it has multiple endings because watching a fake squid games where no one gets killed sucks

  8. This is totally Zach and Bliss underneath 😂😂😂 I know their voices from anywhere 😅😊

  9. Halfway through I started thinking that the style of the sketch really reminded me of Wong Fu Productions, and then I checked the description AND THERE WAS A NOD TO @wongfupro!!

  10. Omg, is #62 Phil? 😆 I’m certain! @wongfupro

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