We Became SQUID GAME GUARDS In Roblox Bedwars…

In this video, @Bandites and I dress up as guards from Squid Games while playing some roblox bedwars…

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  1. bruh wiak is more trash then rainway hahahahaaa loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  2. Nice vid dude. Its soo enjoyable watching you

  3. Let’s take a moment to appreciate bandites squak noises

  4. squid game hmmm bro ur guys outfits are so good and u guys are so funny 😂😂😂

  5. The video has more than 5000 likes…………soooooooooo, when are we going to get the squid game in roblox bedwars video?

  6. I legit used it and it flew me to high and pop and died hate that glitch ;(

  7. i was wonder, will you do arsenal again? or go back to hacker hunting? if not,

    could you do a video of where you have been with arsenal as a whole?, did you quit?, taking a break?, got boring? was just wonder cuz am a big fan of your hacker hunting streams
    , sorry for the bad grammar.

  8. Yo waike remember me I was BLUE inside of the challenge you did with YikesFxrever and you gave me grim I just wanted to say thank you man and love your cids

  9. Right when you guys sounded like you had hiccups I had actual hiccups 😂

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