The VIPs being really weird in Squid Game

Hi this is episode 7 of Squid Game and it’s about the VIPs enjoy!


  1. Honestly this is what I imagine rich people are like, so I can’t even consider it bad acting.

  2. Ughhh they were the worst in the whole season, for me they created a divide in what was happening, they didn't feel like they belonged at all, they felt more like they were just shoehorned in at the last minute and told to speak from the script five minutes before filming without being told any context at all, please for season two if you're gonna bring in English speaking actors/actresses make sure they know what's up, these guys just feel like rich/expendable nobodies, maybe that was the point? I'm not sure, but to me they only feel very very lightly engaged with what's happening, like they're not invested at all, like they have somewhere more important to be in the next hour.. again maybe that's the point? Maybe these games are just like a semi-semi-final and the more high stakes/more valuable games are still to come.. if that's the case then their acting would make more sense here.

  3. I was wandering who these guys were until The moment he said 69 and why he chose that number and when they all start laughing about it I was like “oh great they are a group of American Millionaires investing in this evil organization!”

  4. The last part of was make me wonder how he did that 🤣🤣😅 grrrrrrrrr 👀😐

  5. POV: Your in the comments because of the “69” joke

  6. VIPs were more shit actors than the background characters. They deliver every line with cringey inflections despite being native english speakers. It's like the directors found a bunch of random homeless white guys stuck in Korea to save on cost, lol.

  7. Let's play the drinking game we drink every time they say 69.
    After the video: W-wHat yEaR iS I-It

  8. I felt bad for Front Man this whole episode, he was stuck with these immature idiots

  9. What's amazing about this is even though the Front Man had his mask on you can just feel his annoyance oozing through.

  10. The Jaguar VIP and the Bull VIP I just couldn't stand cause of how stupid they are.
    The other 4 VIPs are fine because they hardly ever talk

  11. Front man still:👁👃👁
    Front man still😭👌🏻: this bish

  12. 2:53 well uhhhh I don't wanna see the part they go to the room ever again…

  13. "Oh wow! It's bigger" will never not make me cringe

  14. Now we know why Il-nam got that condition with his brain

  15. To me, these "Vips" would be the epicenter or the whole serie. And then they started speaking..
    Its like listening to someone puking, i just cant believe how awful these actors and script-writers are.
    Utterly horrible

  16. 風魔神: I feel feverish to the bone when I see this happen.

    義風一真: and I had happened to challenge Satan again.

    風魔神: I will finish him for you.

  17. The front man said 'unfortunately'where the subtitle was 'regrettably' at 0:05

  18. They act how they were directed, they actually mentioned the error and the cringe lines, but the director wanted them to be cringe.

  19. The whole time I just kept yelling for the 69 VIP to shut up lol. He got down the entitled rich guy personality perfectly, cause I was sick of hearing him whine 😂 on the other hand, I was laughing my butt off whenever they said something dumb or childish lol. Perfectly acted or not, they did what they were meant to do and it worked 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Edit: Btw I’ve watched enough Kdramas to understand that typically the English speaking “Americans” or white English speaking characters they bring on don’t usually have the best acting. The main point normally seems to be that they need to speak relatively fluent English. That’s why I didn’t find it surprising at all when the actors weren’t all that. I can’t be the only one who’s realized this consistent phenomenon lol

  20. Their acting and writing was horrendous. Every syllable was so forced. 🤣

  21. Are they just rich investors?

  22. People hated the VIPs acting but I think they did a rlly good job of portraying the childish nature of the sort of people who would spectate a bloodsport. They watch it for fun so why would their acting be serious? They're deliberately cringe cus it shows how childlike they are

  23. I watched the scene with the police officer ( poor him) and the jaguar mask with my parents

  24. I love the glass bridge challenge but hate to face the cringe with these "VIPs" throughout the episode

  25. L O L this is so funny when the VIP says piece of shit

  26. The pillows made me feel SO uncomfortable😂

  27. Season 2 will involve more of these guys probably

  28. This was the worst and least fitting part of the show, and it of course served to make a political statement which makes it even worse

  29. They all talk like 14 year old kids with the endless 69 puns I think the writers just wanted to annoy americans

  30. VIPS really Fucking funny lol

  31. – It looks like a bridge of some sort
    – I like the look of it.
    – What the hell is that?

    Cracks me up

  32. The vip or very inappropriate people are being weird the whole time

  33. In my opinion, VIPs' masks are the only visual failure in the show, they look cheap and the whole VIP realm looks kinda creepy.

  34. Me when VIP Tiger do some cringe stuff:
    runs like hare to get deathnote and bleach

  35. Dora Dora Dora the explorer ✨💅✨✨💅✨✨💅✨💅✨💅✨💅✨💅✨💅✨💅✨💅💅✨

  36. Eh lots of British or American shows used to give foreign characters AI-generated speech. Let's just balance it out a lil

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