The VIPs being really weird in Squid Game

Hi this is episode 7 of Squid Game and it’s about the VIPs enjoy!


  1. 😂😂😂😂 the real 69 uhh haa

  2. This editing is cringe af wtf who likes this shit

  3. This editing is cringe af wtf who likes this shit

  4. Franky Reynalds from Always Sunny could be a VIP, and he'd be the sanest one there.

  5. Este vip siempre fue gay o es bisexual o pan

  6. 2:53 I pity this guy so much, jaguar is a creepy weirdo

  7. This reminded me so much of Stanley Kubricks Eyes wide shut cult

  8. They are mentally ill and they don’t act their age and the front man is like “ help “ and I hate all the VIPs me : I’m dying inside 😑😑😑😑

  9. Bro, why didn't they hire native english speaking writers lol… some of their lines sound so cheesy, "willing to give someone some slack"… it's willing to CUT someone some slack, not GIVE

  10. The gay scene really caught me off gaurd because last time I watched it, my brother made me close my eyes

  11. So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that LITERAL BODY PARTS (That are PRIVATE no less) ARE USED AS GODDAMN ACCESSORIES AND PILLOWS FOR THESE GROWN MEN! Like look at the guy with the bear masks little ‘pillow’ it’s literally a pair of breasts! Like come on bro, I mean sure it’s for adults cause of the cuss words and gore but seriously, that’s a bit too much

  12. “Mmm that real 69, eh? RrrRrRrRrRrR”
    -Vip 4

  13. These guys really ruined the vibe of the show.

  14. couldn't you upload this clip without all the cringe edits 🤦

  15. 2:45
    Jaguar was the most out of pocket VIP out of his fellow VIP's bro. The rest of the VIP's were okay but Jaguar cranked that shit from 0 to 100 real quick 😂😭💀

  16. And that's why ol' grandpa didn't join the vips sweet heart ❤

  17. Basically what they do at the “Met Gala”

  18. the tiger vip is the most cringest guy bettr than othrs

  19. How they talk just sounds like google translate
    Like the original line got translated 50 times and back to English

  20. i used to watch this all the time during christmas 2021 lmaoo

  21. People who already watched this ep of squid game know what will happen after he say I'm going to take different kind of fun 🌚

  22. Tbh I hate all of these bastards expect the deer. I kinda like the deer, he’s cool.

  23. Am I the only one realizing how chill the deer is? Idk tho

  24. These rich VIPs are murderers. What's up with the masks? 😄😄😄

  25. I had to find this after watching Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 7. Now i get it lmao.

  26. My brother's best friend is John Michaels, who played VIP 1. I'm sending this to him because it's too funny 😅😅

  27. They ruined the entire dynamic. Unnecessarily vulgar jokes about 69, which they milked to death, no charisma, boring American humor. They ruin everything

  28. Hey so, are those human furniture just a design, or are those actually workers naked and painted to just be used by these guys?

  29. I WANT TO SEE UR FACE! Then we all know what happens next if you watched the show

  30. There was a Christian raffle at my local gym. In less than a day, numbers 69 and 169 had already been bet on 🤣

  31. I wanna drill my eye went i see that scene💀

  32. V.I.P “Very Inappropriate People.”

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