In our fifth episode of Bayan Podcast, we play detective with Taimoor Akbar, the social media wizard who guards his opinions like a dragon guards its treasure. Join hosts Zayan and Nehaal Naseem as they embark on a hilarious journey, attempting to crack the Taimuri code.
Spoiler alert: Taimur Akbar may not spill all the beans, but the laughter spills over. Tune in for secrets, laughs, and the art of extracting information with a side of humor!

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  1. Nehaal, gurl you're so relatable with everything. We really have a lot in common. The weight, the height, k-drama, BTS STAN! loved your dynamite cover 🙂

    Zayan, it's nice to know that you are a medical student, next month I've my medical entrance exam, i hope my exam goes well🤞

  2. Jin Jinnat khabis aur b hain tmlg me.. like us

  3. Be a single or double host and have nehaal as a guest and talk about her past and hobbies and everything, it's a request🤞🏻♥️

  4. When are you coming to Bear Bicep's podcast?

  5. Haven't you thought of making another video till now we are really waiting for your video

  6. Mery friend Nouman ki death ho gai hai please us k liy surah fateh parh dein or Allah pak uski magfirat farmaye Ameen Ameen

  7. Nehaal di punjabi 😂❤ ayee hyeee 😮‍💨💗

  8. If neehal would let him speak 45:32 I think I would have liked it more well anyways enjoyed it peace ✌️

  9. For here @nehaalnaseem✨💗 me vese toh ek saal se apki fan hu nini but mene fanpage abhi join kiya hai @nehaal.xeditz its nehaal only for your support ❤ love you forever my princess ✨💖 And apka song #kamli can't wait for it 🎉 so much excited 😊 keep rocking our girl ❤❤❤

  10. Nehaal please Reply me iam your big fan love from india

  11. First time i watch the full prodcast and its amazing 😍🤩

  12. Mam nehaal ke vlogs kab aye ge @nehaalnaseem

  13. Mam nehaal ke vlogs kab aye ge ma nehaal ki bhot bari fan ho @nehaalnaseem

  14. Great podcast. If I may ask, looks like this was shot a long time back, what took so long for it be uploaded?

  15. Waiting for this from 1 month and finally watching it from your story

  16. Plz plz plz ye msg nehaal k lia h nehuu plz come back to allah 🙏 plz plz plz 🙏

  17. plz invite dnaneer mobeen and hania amir plzzz nehaal mam

  18. I am watching this podcast just for nehaal 😍❤️

  19. Hey …. Just listen …. You have to plan podcast first ….. Like all questions, experience and should add some plots . You guys are just talking about yourself , not giving much more attention to the interviewee. Make it more interested please….. BTW …. Just keep doing it … 🌸✨

  20. Is podcast mai guest kon ha 😅😅😅

  21. ❤❤❤❤ I've waited for this very long 😊😊

  22. Mashallah jee saal pury me 5 kilo weight gain kiya 🥲

  23. nehaal talking about her private account 😂 ly nehaalfanpages ( hum btain ?) 😂😂

  24. It was really better than what i was expecting…

  25. Bro is literally new definition of sigma🤣

  26. I saw nehaal story and she asked the question of bts then I just searched and I am here The Armies 😎🔥

  27. K dramas don't have hate bro 😭 they r sooo good 🔥

  28. It's a podcast of taimoori but nehaal is talking about bts and k dramas taimoori be like Bhai mujhai kiyo bulaia 🤣🤣🤣🤣💜

  29. So far so boring you guys need to improve you plus you are not being yourself

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