The Real-Life Squid Game: Where Players Can Win Over £3 Million! | This Morning

Green light! Squid Game is back as a reality show (don’t worry, without all the death!). Squid Game: The Challenge has transformed the much-loved South Korean series into one of the biggest reality competitions ever. Filmed over 16 days in London, 456 players from all over the world compete to win $4.56 million (£3.6 million)! We’re joined by two British contestants, Tayo Awoderu and Bianca ‘Bee’ Sarafian to find out how they got on in the epic new show. 

Broadcast on 23/11/2023
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And did we mention we have quite a few laughs along the way too?



  1. I can understand why Lorenzo wasn't invited for this one 😂

  2. She kept her distance from bp, noticed that in the series she gave off a vibe

  3. These were 2 of my favorites. 107 was my first favorite. He was always positive and super capable. 18 was super cool. A little bit cocky about her intellect but maybe it’s warranted.

  4. They don’t tell how that first game actually went down (it taking 9 hours, and the medic being there all the time)

  5. SO glad they didn't do tug of war! It would have been a huge unfair advantage to the males!

  6. This show should continue for many series and many years. This type of game show social experiment can rival Survivor as a game show.

  7. This programme just gets worse. Definitely circling the plug hole.

  8. Fantastic interview loved it well done guys

  9. I just finished with two
    Nice game ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Watch Craig Hamilton Parker’s you tube experience on this game. 👎🏼

  11. Loving Rylan back on This Morning ❤️❤️

  12. To me Rylan will always be that snotty, snivelling, desperate mess from XFactor just begging for fame. Achieved.

  13. Staged…. It's so staged . Clearly, there are actors who are already among all the real participants. But its really notorious Who are the actors and who are the real players called to the casting. In fact, there are testimonies from players who say that several were actors, for example the winner. A real circus

  14. Sorry, the people in that game do not look like people all over the world entered into it. I see mostly Britain and Americans. I do say it was a bit entertaining to watch.

  15. I got bored in episode 1 because nobody dies for real 😴

  16. I normally don’t care for reality shows but this is pretty entertaining.

  17. Maybe 018 won, because of her red hair just like from the show. Is she hinting that she's the winner perhaps?

  18. Its also korean tv show …remember that

  19. I feel that bee a like an angel. Very positive but also very smart and very lucky. Say it, roll it and get it.. unbelievable

  20. Impressive show to get to the top 3 remaining. Especially if you just take it at face value and not try to pick it apart. If instead you compare it to the original series, where they can rely heavily on the death consequence for all but one player, it is quite genius what they did to modify the game. I actually thought the last couple rounds were much better than the OG series.

  21. It’s mostly Americans and a British, not from all over the world. But very fun series and great production!

  22. I was sooo rooting for Nr.018 she is so intelligent. And so cool.

  23. Bee is the game designer, and she is Rick's granddaughter.

  24. “big brother on steroids” 😂😂😂

  25. Bee was my favourite I was so sad when she got eliminated 🥲

  26. Bee is so awesome, loved her in the show, she seems like such a cool person irl!

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