The Pink Soldiers being NICE for 2 minutes Straight – Squid Game

The Pink Soldiers but they’re nice? In this video I will be putting subtitles and editing on the pink soldiers to as of course they are the good guys in squid game. It features clips from season 1 of Netflix’s Squid Game.

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  1. Why do I think their super cute with that masks-

  2. You mix the professional politeness of hotel staff with lethality of a mob thug.

  3. People kept on forgetting the evil ones are the host & the frontman this guards are just doing their best to survive they are probably prisoners as well just like the players.

  4. you know it wouldn't suprise me if the guards were once kids who were orphaned and or have a real hate for society and were seeked out for these games

  5. Goes to show that they aren't entirely heartless it's just that they're put into a position where they're forced to do the things that they do

  6. Jennifer si va a estar en el juego del calamar jennifer si va a participar

  7. Something that doesn't make sense,the square guard said that they are not there to harm them even though like 100 players die every episode 😂

  8. A jenifer Natalia Ruiz Machuca si quiere meter el juego de calamar sii quiere participar en el juego de calamar

  9. I wanna know more about the guards I really do they seem imprisoned as much as the playersWho are the guards? What were they before the games so many questions

  10. Fun fact: they are kids and minors 😀

  11. The saddest part in squid game is the amount out blood the guards have to clean up.
    So sad..😫

  12. Yesssss next squid game subtitles i like IT awesome

  13. There like affably evil in a twisted way

  14. 𝙵𝚘𝚡𝚢𝙶𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚈𝚃𝙱 says:

    I'm dying😂😂😭😭😭😭😩

  15. To be fair they're probably being forced to do this

  16. The worker: yessir
    Other worker: our finest bred no soz okay enough ffs next pls

  17. I was saying why didnt Sae byeok asked for help when she was injured with the glass but then I realized who will she ask in this scenario?

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