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The Guards of Squid Game (2021) Explained. A quick comprehensive guide and analysis of the guards/staff in Squid Game. In this video I will also be pointing out things like the meaning behind the shapes and hidden details. As well as debunking theories like whether or not choosing a red square meant that you were going to be a guard and choosing a blue square meant that you were going to be a player. So who are the guards? Find out in this video!

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  1. I would probably be a square although I'd be pretty much the only female guard on the hole island!

  2. I was the 1st person ever to say PlayStation buttons on the guards in my school then it spread online eg eg

  3. I didint know that the guy in the subway has a blue and a red card and he tell you to pick one blue = player red =guard

  4. Here's a theory: The Guards are previous winners of Squid Game. Because all the Players are old and young. And so as the Guards.


    i will be front man / maniger

  6. eNsUrE tHe ViP hAvE a GoOd TiMe.

    Yeah if im a vip i will not enjoy them killing the players mercilessly

  7. Na choosing red makes them a guard. Stop spouting nonsense just because someone thought of it before you smh

  8. 255 people eliminated in red light green light

  9. i will be a squar becouse its hard to be a circil and a Triangle is not easy

  10. I would be square. Less chance of dieing. But triangle also sounds fun. Circle would be a no. If the front man does not trust me… then no.

  11. the island looks like its from avatar the last air bender the fire island thingy

  12. I like your interpretation, the color system is the over the rainbow MKultra color system, no debate

  13. this is called conditoning, reveal a real life eipstien type island and anyone speaking the truth get toild they saw that on squid games, its just a tv show

  14. They always remind me of the combine from half life 2

  15. The concept of color with using the symbol of red and blue also reminds me of a personality test I took back in 2019. I was dominantly red and yellow, which symbolized the same ideal concept of the red and blue. There were other colors mentioned in this test; though, red and yellow were the most extremes of one another… and also a rare combination of two to come by. However, in my example, yellow meant I was also the complete opposite of my red traits, and in comparison to blue I was more passive and just following instead of leading. Like I said, I was predominately red and yellow secondarily. Though, red is more of my dominant trait and my preference of choice. So, I always wanted to express a side of myself that I always found difficult to tap into unless I had thorough examples. Now, I just have to find the motivation to want to try again… can not lie, I am cheesed about all the effort I put in the past to have it not counted. Yes, I feel ripped off… makes a person not want to try or care🙄

  16. I if I had to be a guard I would be a square or a circle because in making people dead as a triangle isn’t the best idea

  17. I would be a Square because just sit back relax while the players get killed

  18. I would like to either be a square or a circle, or a triangle that was pretty much just a guard. I really wouldn't want to kill anyone.

  19. I would like to me a circle ⭕️ or a square 💢

  20. I love it how he says aka the ones with the guns

  21. I now there’s spoilers dude no need to point it out I love your chanelle your satche a mystérieuse personne but hey that wats make you funny and makes your chanelle🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩😎😉

  22. And after the first game,the Square has a revolver

  23. If guards take of there mask why do they have to die

  24. I would be a 🔼 its the best in my opinion with the guns 🔫 yep.

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