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The Guards of Squid Game (2021) Explained. A quick comprehensive guide and analysis of the guards/staff in Squid Game. In this video I will also be pointing out things like the meaning behind the shapes and hidden details. As well as debunking theories like whether or not choosing a red square meant that you were going to be a guard and choosing a blue square meant that you were going to be a player. So who are the guards? Find out in this video!

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  1. Can we appreciate that the captions make 0% sense

  2. Minor point: Red, blue & yellow are the primary colors. Green is secondary, a mix of blue & yellow.

  3. Circle Soldiers: red
    Triangle Soldiers: green
    Square Soldiers: purple
    The Front Man: X and blue

    Guess what kind of thing this could be.

  4. how to be the front man and the Vip?

  5. 10:50 : my man accidentely said you would have more fun as a circle im pretty sure he meant triangle

  6. my theory was the guards were prisoners lol but im not so bright

  7. I wanna be Square and Front Man

  8. What are they gonna do make a ex-gard now

  9. I like the entire series. I will miss it.

  10. Maybe the people who spent all there money and became the ones wearing the greenish blue will spend there money again so they get to be the redish pink people

  11. The guards are players before. It is true

  12. It’s so amaging video.

    From. (ㅁ) Soldier

  13. I want you to make a part to out of this

  14. I would be a triangle I think they played their part well in squid game

  15. I wonder where we can actually buy the Squid Game guards’ outfit, and the outfit from the actual show

  16. the guards are those players who didnt join back? very lame theory

  17. I took the red and blue as another eluding to the fire and ice saturnian dynamic.

  18. So by lookin at this….them guards done been lured too smdh

  19. I want to be Front Man but if I had to pick a guard then I would go for Square or Triangle.

  20. I would be a square
    They get to do the cool stuff

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