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Explaining who the Front Man is in Squid Game (2021). The Front Man operates and oversees all matters at the facility on the Squid Game Island. He carries out the orders of the host (aka 001 or Oh Il-nam), makes sure all the games go smoothly and ensures sure the VIPS are having a good time watching the games. In this video, I explain why the Easter eggs like Theory of Desire by Jacques Lacan and Empire of Light by René Magritte are in the Front Man’s apartment, translate his player profile in the Squid Game records, analyze the relationship between The Front Man and his Brother, Hwang Jun-ho, and decide if the The Front Man is good or bad. Transform your online experience with gambar kaufmo Digital Circus, where cute characters take center stage in a digital spectacle of innovation. Immerse yourself in mind-bending performances, interactive exhibits, and a celebration of the extraordinary.

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  1. Did il-nam left his fortune to the front man? Who will continue to fund the game now that the host is dead? We're also only introduced to 2 winners of the game, the front man and gi-hun. I understand that they want to contrast one winner who gave up on humanity versus one winner who still has faith. Will we be introduced to more previous winners? Maybe a vignette about how each winner is doing. It seems like the winner becomes too dramatized to even enjoy the money. The front man seems to be an idealist who sees the game as fair but in reality, it is far from it. I mean, the inclusion of il-nam in the game automatically makes the game unfair. Yet the front man says nothing. Why? He killed the guard that had the organ side hustle. It's like he's completely under il-nam's control

  2. He's well trained. Both of them. But they chose the shoulders?
    There will NOT be a season 2!

  3. Let's be honest, we all didn't expect No. 1 (Old Man) was real creator of death games. 1:12

  4. The first time i heard about the front man i thinked he use a X mask

  5. Another Logic: The Front Man shot the guard on the spot when he had removed his mask but no one shot the Front Man as he didnt show his face to the guards who were behind him and the only one who saw his face was his own brother.

  6. If you didn’t do the recruiter, then you could do a video about him

  7. You actually forgot the most illogical detail about the frontman: Why is he left handed?

  8. Well squid game is now 8th place I think when season 2 will drop out then it will be back to first place in a sec

  9. So it's true the main character whatever his name is will be the front man in s2

  10. The whole premise is strange because I don’t think that humanity would sign up for these games or return if given the chance to leave. Of course everyone returns for plot convenience, so you have to just suspend your imagination go along with it.

  11. Hi do you know any info that stuff did you translate it ? I’m just curious and interested

  12. I think that red head will be the host in a season 2

  13. "the fish in the bowl was in the opposite of life"

  14. I think for season 2, it will focus more on the frontman and his brother with him being alive as well

  15. How is there only one winner every year? Shouldn't it be everyone on the team that won the last game?

  16. I search korean category in "that" site 🥴 the korean cop was 🔥🤣

  17. I'm 6 years old that I know this game

  18. Wait I'm confused so if the frontman was a player back in 2015 then who was the first one made squid game back in 1988 because squid game was made in 1988 then who was the frontman back in 1988 and 2015 the leader and the old man and the frontman/in ho made the games this year then who made the games back in 1988 and if it is the old man then I don't know but if there was no frontman then who leading squid game so who? because the old man made the games but did he made the games back in 1988? Please explain this.

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  20. The front man is obviously the coolest role in squid game

  21. What I want for season 2:
    • Gi-Hun returning to the games in some way.
    • Flashbacks to the frontman’s games in 2015.
    • Flashbacks to when Oh Il-Nam started the games in 1988.
    • Jun-Ho survives and gets police involved.
    • Backstories/side-stories of VIP’s.
    • Squid games in different countries.

  22. when the front man becomes the host gi hun will become the NEW front man

  23. The frontman nothing about the blue Square or the red Square

  24. If In-Ho becomes the Host, maybe he will seek Gi-Hun to be the new Front Man.

  25. the comment about "the contest in korea was the best" I think is a reference to the marble game because it looked like that

  26. If I were the undercover cop, I would've poisoned the workers' food and watch the whole game fall apart due to the shortage of workers.

  27. Does anybody have any thoughts on the 'you know why' comment?

  28. the hot man is definitely going to return, I hope.

  29. 9:06 If there's something I've learnt from watching Kdramas since I was very young, is that NOBODY who falls from that cliff ever dies! … But maybe now with all these theories; if they do make a 2nd season they might change that… Just because people kind of spoilt lol with all their good ideas.

    EDIT: Also, this scene is almost identical to that in "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" in which the 4th prince must kill his older brother, 3rd prince while standing by the cliff, but only stabs him lightly right before he falls, then the 3rd prince comes back after couple of episodes (More like a few months in the show), to take revenge and becomes THE king!

  30. I just loved it. Can’t wait to get to see next year’s.

  31. Here's what I think about the frontman I feel like behind his mask a x I feel like he's is the x guard of squid game

  32. The games were never fair. The players never knew that only one person could be the winner. They were told more than one person can complete all six games

  33. Dose anyone know the
    Front mans identity BC I do

  34. Kkejssjjwmwk

  35. I wonder if the salesman was also a survivor of one of the squid games.

  36. I'm not sure but I think Gi hun will be the new front man in season two because of all that money he has

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