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Explaining who the Front Man is in Squid Game (2021). The Front Man operates and oversees all matters at the facility on the Squid Game Island. He carries out the orders of the host (aka 001 or Oh Il-nam), makes sure all the games go smoothly and ensures sure the VIPS are having a good time watching the games. In this video, I explain why the Easter eggs like Theory of Desire by Jacques Lacan and Empire of Light by René Magritte are in the Front Man’s apartment, translate his player profile in the Squid Game records, analyze the relationship between The Front Man and his Brother, Hwang Jun-ho, and decide if the The Front Man is good or bad. Transform your online experience with gambar kaufmo Digital Circus, where cute characters take center stage in a digital spectacle of innovation. Immerse yourself in mind-bending performances, interactive exhibits, and a celebration of the extraordinary.

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  1. Have yall realized that no black people were in squid game?

  2. I also wondered why front man told Gi-hun to get on the plane for his own good
    My theory plane was rigged and they kill off the winners for some reason or after period of time ….this might be why they are able to give away so much money and continue this every year

  3. Didn’t the front man break the rules by revealing himself

  4. What if every VIP is the host of a different game?

  5. Mask designed like facial recognition vector art

  6. I find it interesting that when we see his brother go into his home: it's absolute crap. It's a goshiwon, which is the kind of place students live. It's even less luxurious than Gihun's home, yet if he's a game winner we know he could afford something far better. But he doesn't, he doesn't even go with a normal home in fact. He stays in his tiny little goshiwon. Did he touch the money at all? Is it because he feels guilty? But if so, why does he help with the games?

  7. 4:12 🤔 without units along the axis… axes… axisses… those horizontal and vertical lines the graph doesn't mean $h!t

  8. seeing as season 1 was written since 2008 if season 2 and beyond were not written back then but now then they will not be as good

  9. In season 2 I want his backstory more than anything…

  10. I think that 001 is the father of Front Man and Police Officer's brother.

  11. Plot twist: The Front Man didn't give his brother HIS kidney….

  12. I love how your saying jin-ho but it's the front man name is Jin-Ho.

  13. It's the same as John Wick Underworld, Every country or region have their own version of squid game, and i think the frontman need to find rich men to sponsor the game

  14. Make a video on subway guy goong woo😂❤

  15. They should do a season about the frontman and how he won and what he went through

  16. Do you need to watch among us squid games
    In among us he had a gun a shotgun in among us

  17. He shot him but he maybe think his brother woul have survive

  18. what if the front man will become the host and seong will become the front man and in the second series they'll work towards destroying the system from the shadows?

  19. At first, I thought the front man was the overall one in charge with his fancy, little penthouse and everything But I think they actually made a smarter decision to make a number one the mastermind behind it all

  20. That’s pretty corny if you ask me…he dies at the end right ? That makes it even lamer…plus the guys all kind of fucked in the head

  21. The front man’s mask be looking like those stone monuments on Easter island

  22. Front man is secretly trying to take down the organisation , that’s why he left clue’s in his apartment and shot his brother in the shoulder instead of straight up killing him

  23. he basically won because remember the old man offer two things. for him to be free and rich or handle all the squid games.

  24. "Classic Thursday activities with the boys" got me

  25. I rewatched the show recently and it re-sparked my interest lol. I forgot half the shit that even happened.

  26. They better do a prequel season. I wanna see squid game 88.

  27. Just like darth vader from the star wars, he's turn into the dark side

  28. I dont think they both have one kidney
    When you get a transplant they dont remove your kidneys so his brother should have 3

  29. Tbh. It would make sense if squid game was in north korea

  30. Front man always shoots people head

  31. Funny to think that the whole sub plot with his brother wouldn’t have happened if the Front Man had bothered to pick up the phone and call his family more often.

  32. Definitely believe the Front Man is an undercover cop embedded within the games and Gi-hun will take his place in S2 as the Front Man steps up to the position of host now that Il-Nam is dead. Side note: a prequel set in either 2015 or 1988 would be GREAT for Season 4!

  33. I desperately want a prequel of the Front Man's games. Especially since he is obssessed with keeping things fair. Who knows how rigged the Squid Game originally was before he won?

  34. Most likely he will be taking over his brothers position as frontman as his brother becomes number one!

  35. Hahah this was so cool! One of the parts that made me lol was “and at the bottom you can clearly see” and I look and it’s in a language that I cannot clearly read🤣

  36. He was already a police officer who won the squid game, but he go so traumatized that he went back and they offered him a "job". He already had the proper qualifications, so he accepted….

  37. His mask has to be inspired by Dues Ex, the Illuminati agents in that game wear very similar masks but in gold, you encounter them on a level where you gotta kill them. It's a reminder of the themes of the crime syndicates, cults & deep states, basically mass worldwide criminal underworld that controls our society from the shadows.

  38. I assumed that Jin Ho and his brother were twins, and that's why he has the other kidney

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