The FIRST Minecraft Player…

Who was the first Minecraft player? You might think it was Notch, but the answer isn’t so simple…

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Credits: @IGoByLotsOfNames

Hopefully Notch tells us the real answer one day…


  1. Nah. I'm the first player. I joined so long ago. I think it was 2022 or something

  2. Him: It’s not Notch, it’s not simple
    Also him: yeah it was probably notch

  3. Bruh first you said it's not notch, then you said it may be notch…

  4. Wait if Minecraft was call cavegame before then how did he know the future 😂

  5. He is netherlands! The first player was Dutch!
    Als jij ook Nederlands ben comment je KAAS op deze reactie anders bal je je moeder

  6. Ima give you three guesses as to who coded and had to play the game to make sure it worked

  7. Bro tested my patience while I knew it was steve

  8. It is notch he probably tested the game before releasing it

  9. Markus Alexej Persson known as notch is the first player

  10. If u include testing the game it had to have been notch

  11. “Most people think it was notch but the answer isn’t so simple “ …” yes it was notch”


  13. He sadly already passed 😢😢😢😢😢

  14. why do you sound like a stereotypical japanese sensei



    The first person to play the game was probably a tester!!
    Its a job that all you do is test games and get paid for it
    its so you know and can fix bugs in the game

  16. The first player is markus alexej persson

  17. I think it's me bc I play Minecraft in 2018 or 2015

  18. JabexD fucft xxxxxxxxxxxxx😈😈😈😈😈😈😄😄😄😄😄♈

  19. First minecraft player is Steve, players aren't able to change their name by that time

  20. Obviously it was Notch, he had to play test the game before anyone else ever even knew about it

  21. Pierwszy był przyjaciel notcha który był testerem

  22. Bro, I started the game yesterday I think I'm the first one.

  23. It's actually notch's girlfriend who first played it because notch test run it and make his girlfriend play it
    It's that simple actually

  24. Bro why would he lunch a game before trying it he is the first bucuse it was not available when he maked sure that it works or something like that😂

  25. Holy shit, that was a load of nothing for a question not even worth a speck of thought.

  26. I was born at that day

  27. No the first minecraft players are Steve and Alex 😂😂😂

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