Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 13, 14, 15 & 16 Group Reaction

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  1. You laugh, but 'onion is white diamond' was an actual theory being batted around at one point

  2. greg talking about his folks hits different now

  3. So Padparasha, the orange sapphires actual ability is sensing feelings. She sensed everyone was uncomfortable

  4. It doesn't make sense, rose quartz started a war against itself? What line of reasoning is this? lol

  5. I love them theorizing about the show. Season 5 is basically non stop and had everyone questioning everything back when these were new episodes we had to wait weeks and months for. Also onion in space would be awesome to watch

  6. Ronaldo couldnt have been the one to go to space because no one will cry when he dies

  7. Just some fuel for the speculation fire (though I'm pretty sure you boys are far enough ahead to know the answer by now): the creators of SU have named Revolutionary Girl Utena as one of their major influences. And in Utena, that art style of black sillhouettes wearing normally drawn clothes is used to signal "this memory/story isn't as accurate as the person recalling it thinks it is."

    Also, Padparascha is useful! She can "predict" things about the present that nobody else has noticed, like Lars pressing the wrong button! That could be really powerful if used right–finding things the pirates need, sensing when the space cops have noticed them, etc. She just needs to learn to cultivate it, and I love that for what's basically a disabled character.

  8. From next episode on, things are going to get CRAZY

  9. Sooo anxious to watch the next two episodes with u

  10. I understand your frustrations about how the episodes we've had are, but you have to remember that Steven Universe has always made the story revolve around the secondary characters as well, and that's something I love about the show. And at that point the creators didn't know that the cartoon would be "cancelled" so they were following the line they always did for a television cartoon, while the main plot is being developed they show the surroundings. It is possible to list at least two and a half seasons of episodes considered "not necessary", but they are all episodes that evolve secondary characters and show their stages and progressions during the series. I admit that the last one really was slowly, the episode revolved around Dewey trying to find his place in the city, and from the beginning it was possible to deduce how will get ended, but I loved being able to see what the citizens were doing in their lives. The new mayor Nanefua, Sadie's new band, the Jamie theater show, Peridot participating in things and living a little, it's cool to understand where the others fit into the story.

  11. Episodes that take place in Beach City later on feel out of place because of how they're less intertwined with the magical stuff the further into the series they are.
    Compare Frybo to Political Power, to Sadie Killer.

  12. Another day asking if you guys interest in Infinity Train 🙂 and I absolutely like the double videos of one show

  13. H man is the only one who has the correct opinion about Padparadscha

  14. I can't wait for y'all to get to the movie and then Steven Universe Future.

  15. Breathe……. Wait till Friday, ooooooooooo shit

  16. Can you watch max steel pls it was my child hood😢

  17. Me who didn't realize that SU on Sunday was gonna be a thing: What a pleasant surprise 😁

  18. i wish i could join from indonesia to win a console

  19. Don't worry about Pearl. We'll get more of Pearl very soon.

  20. "Who the heck is Peridot?" Someone who desperately needs to be in the intro sequence already!!

  21. You guys may not know this but there were long breaks and hiatuses between sections of episodes

  22. Lol Garnet is Fusion of the year with the kittens.

  23. There's a video on the YouTube channel the dodo (I think) where a cat stole so many socks and small fuzzy things that the owner keeps a foldable table on their front lawn with a note saying something about their cat being a thief and apologizing while offering the stuff back

  24. Day 10 of requesting the show A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS

  25. “Honey, you’ve got a big storm comin”


  27. They really stopped before 2 of the most important episodes

  28. Im so happy they are prioritizing steven universe fkskfjjs

  29. So, an ongoing fan theory was that each of the Cool Kids represented a Crystal Gem.
    Buck talks slow and wears sunglasses so Garnet. He's also considered the leader of them.
    Sour Cream is musically inclined and fair skinned so Pearl. Plus he has his original dad, and a new dad.
    And Jenny, the boisterous and irresponsible one (by her own admission) so Amethyst. She also views herself as the evil twin to her sister (Like Amethyst and Jasper).
    And all three want to be freed from their family's expectations.

    But after rewatching this episode I also feel that the Off-Colors are unrefined versions of the Crystal Gems.
    Fluorite is about fusion and love, like Garnet. Also a leader and loves the idea of fusing more, for the right gem.
    Rhodonite is a Pearl and common gem that left out of love and freedom from their master, much like the story of what we thought Pearl and Rose was.
    Rutile are a gems that "came out wrong". Much like Jenny/Kiki, they considered twins, but much like Amethyst views herself as very flawed, both Rutiles view themselves as mistakes.
    Padparadscha is aristocratic but slow on the situation. Literally Steven. Constantly needs protecting like Steven did but Steven eventually started making his own decisions.

  30. omgggg i love steves u reactions 😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗 thank uuu

    from Chile 🇨🇱

  31. Have a look at the background of the diamond logos. (Not the diamond shaped one the murals like the one on the moon base)

  32. The next reaction video that you guys are going to release is going to be fucking insane

  33. 17:00 The Worst Thing Is That A Few Years Ago That Was Considered A Valid Theory.

  34. Two Steven episodes a week are making finals bearable 🤧

  35. I like that Ruff stole Boom’s Theory of pink diamond

  36. yall gotta remember, Steven already has weird dream powers, so it makes sense they could see memories in a place with a strong connection to Pink Diamond.

  37. For me… I felt like that last episode was kind of a "recap" or tell people what everyone's been up to or what before the finale….


  39. Hehehe, fair and valid points and opinions, but nothing to worry about anymore, because this was the Last Batch of “chill” Episodes, the Next One is where the real fun of Season 5 finally begins, hehehe.
    I can’t wait to see your Reaction to it, where everything hits the fan, it’s going to be very interesting.
    Hm, say, how would any of you have done Season 5, if you had any control over it’s curation?

  40. I heard you changed the format in your reactions, but I don't see those edits here.

  41. i’m new to this channel can someone tell me why they say billie

  42. The only part of Garnet's story that was shown in natural colors and authentic figures was the Corruption Nuke, indicating that this was the only part that Garnet or her components actually experienced.

    Besides noting that the sword Garnet believes Rose Quartz used against Pink Diamond was the one that Bismuth told Steven actually could not shatter a Gem (much less a Diamond), Garnet's account showed it being used by Rose's right arm, when the other illustrations of Rose wielding the sword have it in her left hand. At the time I asked who was telling the lie? Garnet? Rose Quartz? The Diamonds?

    "Sunshine Justice" sounds like a MLP character.

    Friday's a-comin'. Can't Go Back and A Single Pale Rose.

  43. Woooo more early steven universe reactions!

  44. Lars getting so much attention without doing nothing is the only bad thing about the fanrastics last seasons of Steven

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