Squid Staff/Guard met the girl staff||Squid games

Credit me if your inspired


  1. why is she wearing a different outfit? shouldn’t the all of the guards be wearing the same outfit

  2. They aren’t allowed to show their hair- and all their outfits would be the same- their voices are also disguised-

  3. Ima just give triangle and square some tissues

  4. Fun fact: circle nose isn’t bleeding cause of the bathroom

  5. They’re able to handle watching the death of so many people but not the sight of a woman, wow, that makes sense.

  6. bro what is this 💀 also it makes no sense that her hair is out and theirs isnt

  7. i literally fucking hate you so much. why would you make this.

  8. El pelo tiene que ir dentro de la mascara. Matan personas, no están ahí para eso

  9. They nose bleed so much it went through their masks

  10. Square got a nose bleed at a mask? GACHA LOGIC

  11. Why is the hair sticking out of the mask and hoodie, I have a lot of questions, but for real that’s not how life works✝️

  12. Can you please do a face reveal of the guards including the girl that will be amazing thank you if you did it sorry if i miss the video

  13. Theoretically she/they would have their hair up and the mask and oversized suit would cover up that she’s/they’re a female.

  14. This is amazingly weird and cringe they can handle a 100 people deaths but can’t stand a women’s hair. Heh simps. AYO NO HATE

  15. Jesus so many people are hating this video I mean its just a random video they made. Remember what sonic said "That's no good" (hehe funny joke)

  16. I uh-I don't think i wanna be here anymore😳

  17. In an episode I seen a female guard (you can tell by the chest)

  18. Straight males, I have a question. When you see a female and don’t see her face do you fall in love with her?

  19. can you even see the face you know she just say "hi guys" right?

    ima tell frontman that they're such simps

    (triangles gun shots)

  20. What its, that song can,t you tell me please😕😕

  21. how are they’re noses bleeding they have a full mask on-

  22. Yes because it’s so normal to see hundreds of people die but it’s so beautiful to see a woman who’s hair is coming out of her hood and out of her face which shouldn’t be possible unless your hood has a hole

  23. There should definitely be a girl staff please squid games make a girl staff 😅

  24. 100000 death – *handled it *
    A woman – ….I'm ashamed of these guards and you know … They didn't handle that.

  25. Im out of sanity and i need a gun to shoot myself and wala i am not dead.

  26. How the hell is her hair through her mask thing

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