Breaking down Squid games the challenge with player 114 Logan!

We dive deep with everything that went down in these players games and get the full breakdown of what went on with them in the game! See how Logan fared with the DREADED UMBRELLA DALGONA COOKIE…
Also hear how he felt about Spencer picking his cookie shape!

Spoilers for episode 1-10 are listed in this episode!

Insta: logansvn

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  1. I just love Logan! What a great interview! Very engaging and funny and just fun!

  2. it was really hard on Spencer because the other guys literally agreed right away to go with the 1234 strategy. It wasn't even Bryton, who people thought was the villain (and therefore somewhat discredited, and who Spencer was supposed to target and he kind of did too by not answering brytons question) , but the other guy (don't know which) who brought up that 1234 strategy who would in Spencers mind would seem very neutral which would give the strat more validity. At this point, the 'game' was over imo. Lots of smart people and even Bryton (assuming he would be in line 4, i give him credit for his natural assertiveness regarding this hypothesis) wouldn't have been able to refute or talk away that 1234 strategy especially with only 2 minutes.

  3. The producers should’ve pulled some tricks to let Logan stay on longer, he’s hott! 🤤😓

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