Squid games guards

You may wonder who the Squid games guards are. Many people are interested in the characters of the titular Netflix series. It contains a lot of exciting plot twists and engaging personalities. However, the guards, or Masked Men, form a particular group with unique features. Let’s break them into details.

Squid games guards


This type of staff in the series is also called Pink Soldiers. They are divided into three categories. Firstly, there are managers. They execute commands of the Front Man. Being in charge of keeping the order and discipline, they convey information to the contestants. This group wears masks with squares.

Also, there are soldiers with triangles on their faces. They carry weapons and terminate those who lost in the game. Besides, this category is responsible for preventing players from breaking the rules.

The third group is called workers, wearing masks with circles. These are the civilian kind of staff with the most low-status duties. Body removal, cleaning, food dispensation, and game environment preparation are all on them. Workers neither speak nor use weapons.

Squid games guards’ behavior

The characters of this kind display a total lack of interest in the players. The guards don’t reveal their identities and wear homogeneous uniforms. Also, they don’t show any reaction through body language when someone dies.


Squid games guards have high importance in the series. As we listed above, they have multiple responsibilities. Keeping the order on the island’s territory and fulfilling the commands are essential points. Without the characters, the show wouldn’t feel complete. Krunker io is a game for adrenaline lovers – check it out at Kevin.games.