Squid Games Guard Roblox Avatar #shorts #squidgame #roblox

Squid Games Guard Roblox Avatar #shorts #squidgame #roblox


  1. No wonder saw u playin a game called the stupid avatar creator thing

  2. Maiva join me I think I have a better outfit than that

  3. Wtf it doesent even match it has to have 🔺️

  4. I havent seen a mummy accesorie in the squid game lol

  5. Just use black skin you don't need mask

  6. Alr not bad but the update man it's fire

  7. That is not roblox I see you app roblox skip

  8. But a thing 1 guard is pink 2 he ave a sharpe 3 he have a siut black in the hoddie

  9. Dude fr out of all shirts u picked 7 rbx plsu u couldve bought a 50 robux hoodie whoch is red

  10. Dear Maiva:I hope you can see this letter sent by me, we know that you are going through a lot of this right now, I don’t want to be a bother but I really want to watch and hope you come back, and everyone else has loved your love streams I believe even I enjoy it more than my favourite YouTuber so I hope you like that message from me I will be posting this is every lastest video of yours. From:LanqR YouTube.

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