SQUID GAME: Why You Should Not Be Mad At The Old Man

Did you know this about Squid Game?

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  1. It’s because he didn’t have faith in humanity so he hosted the games so he could see if they would kill each other for the money and that’s why he hosted the games to see how much faith he could have in humanity

  2. He created the game to entertain himself and his bored wealthy friends. Laughing and betting on poor people's lives. If that's not reason to hate someone, what is?

  3. What would have happened if he failed any other game? Would he die? Because obviously they don’t shoot him at the end of marbles

  4. AND in the marble game he wanted to die instead of his friend

  5. Imma be mad at him all I want. He broke my heart. I was rooting for him. And in the end, everything he did can be seen as calculated. He wanted to have fun before be died so he orchestrated his own Hunger Games with himself as an important contestant so he could go out with a bang if it came down to it instead of succumbing to his illness.

    He is the epitome of cynicism in the story. He died in his belief that cynicism wins and didn’t see that he was proven wrong before he drew his last breath (someone did indeed help the drunk man on the sidewalk). I felt sorry for the Old Man. And I felt sorry for the VIPs who were so rich and bored they pitted people against each other till their death for sport while dangling their wealth over them like a carrot on a stick.

  6. I loved this guy since the beginning but when he died I cried

  7. He reminds me of the old man in saw movies

  8. Oh yeah i hated who he was revealed to be. The nice old man was not real.

  9. Spoiler – he is the creator of the game

  10. Fun fact: the old man was 456/seun gi hun's dad or grandpa.

  11. He and John kramer would get along quite well when it comes to their somewhat similar motives.

  12. bro idk Jackseptikeye was in squid game💀💀💀

  13. Well he wasn’t gonna die anyways sooo?? Your point it dumb

  14. The old man probably always chose to continue the game in previous years to trap the players but this time pressed stop accidentally because of his dementia

  15. i thought he was upset when they were fighting at night moreso because he wanted them to play the game for his entertainment

  16. What song does squid games play in the evening while the contestants are going to sleep in the dorm

  17. Everyone always talks about the old man… BUT NEVER THE GANGSTER!

  18. He made a game where people die.. point blank the dude is evil .

  19. He’s one of those characters that you gotta live but hate at d same time iv got more love towards him then hate tho 😂😂😂😂

  20. That old dude didn’t say anything about the extreme DEATH ☠️… if he cared he would have told everyone about it first

  21. Lets just say he was the best villain😂

  22. Yeah but he also diddnt tell the 200+ people that died in red light greenlight that they would die

  23. yea true you should be mad at him but if you wacth the squid game can you expledned me???

    my quistion: are you all crying of the scense of old man deaft?😭

  24. What about the deaths of the first match or before voting

  25. That's not his mistake he gave chance to everyone if they wanted to quit and their greed why they were in that situation so it's 50/50 for him he is evil / good

  26. When u say someone is evil but… that's a sign u tend to self-contradict

  27. He also saved the main character in the marbles game

  28. That’s not true that old man owns squid game

  29. Wait like he didn't just made some stupid rule of killing people on sight if they failed to pass the game

  30. Check out my other video: Why You Should Be Mad At the Old Man 🍿

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