Squid Game Theories: Guards & Players, Gi-Hun & Il-Nam’s Relationship, The VIPs & More Reaction!

#SquidGame #EndingExplained #Breakdown
Irish Couple Reacts SQUID GAME Theories: Guards & Players, Gi-Hun & Il-Nam’s Relationship, The VIPs & More REACTION!

#IrishCoupleReacts #Reaction

THESE ARE CRAZY! Squid Game 오징어게임 Theories that re-shape so much involving Guards And Players, Gi-Hun And Il-Nam’s Relationship, The VIPs And More. As well as a breakdown of best theories on the ending of Squid Game, the games itself, the secrets and hidden details IE how Gi-Hun almost became a guard, whether Il-Nam is his father and why we are the VIPs.
#SquidGame #EndingExplained #Breakdown #Review #Explained #Season2 #Netflix #EasterEggs #Theories #FanTheories #오징어게임

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