SQUID GAME Theories: Guards & Players, Gi-Hun & Il-Nam’s Relationship, The VIPs & More REACTION!

THESE ARE CRAZY! Squid Game 오징어게임 Theories that re-shape so much involving Guards And Players, Gi-Hun And Il-Nam’s Relationship, The VIPs And More. As well as a breakdown of best theories on the ending of Squid Game, the games itself, the secrets and hidden details IE how Gi-Hun almost became a guard, whether Il-Nam is his father and why we are the VIPs.
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  1. When he introduced the theory that they might be father and son, I said "nahhhhh. Far fetch…". But then as he kept talking, it became more believable lol.

  2. One thing that has confused me about this entire series is the scene where Il-Nam is in his "Host" outfit during Ep 7 "V.I.P.s". Before the VIPs arrives, Il-Nam asks the Front Man to greet his guests and that the reason why he couldn't is Il-Nam would have more fun playing than watching the game. However, if the timeline is correct (piecing together the scene in Ep 7 and the reveal in Ep 9 when Il-Nam takes off his owl mask, he would have already played the first four games before the VIPs arrived. If the first four games weren't the "urgent business" given as the excuse by the Front Man to the VIPs, then what was Il-Nam doing while the VIPs were in attendance?

    A side note about Il-Nam's plan to not have a partner and pass Game 4. The previous episode had the doctor killed off. But since it is assumed that Il-Nam doesn't have any communication with the operations of the game while playing, he wouldn't have any way of knowing that the doctor had been killed, resulting in the odd number of players.

  3. A lot of this felt baseless and a string of what if what if

  4. When Il-nam gave his (001)jacket to Gi-hun, it was like passing the torch of his 001 legacy onto him saying he'll be the next 001 winner

  5. I don't agree with the different colored cards thing, because when they show all the people getting slapped, one man who was a player chose a red card.

  6. The Father Son story is pretty legit. Watch the season again.

  7. Does anyone know why, after Jon-ho got on the staff, there were several times the camera lingered on the breast pocket of his pink suit? I can't remember there being any pay off to that.

  8. Hey guys this is off topic but since DC and MARVEL are both doing multiverse movies do you guys think that they might crossover in the future?

  9. I'm surprised your not doing the New Rockstars video on it

  10. Did you guys noticed when the pickpocket girl was killed, we didn't hear "player number 67 eliminated", could she still be alive somehow?…

  11. The neighbourhood doesn't just resemble Ilnam's home, it's what lots of Korean neighbourhoods looked like in the 80s. It's not particularly special to them, we just saw them talking about it cause they're the main characters. Sangwoo wouldn't need to talk about it with Ali cause Ali wouldn't know, same with Saebyuk from the North (and too young). Plus, they only need it to be said once, since Koreans collectively relate. It's a very common neighbourhood layout and architecture.

  12. They didn't talk about it in the video, but in the episode where they gave 001 the bottle of water, he used it to wet himself to seem even more sickly before heading into the marbles game.

  13. This is not my theory about Gi-hun and Il-Nam. I read that Gi-Hun's mother has the same surname as Il-Nam. Il-Nam says that he remembers his name at the end of episode 6: "Il Nam…Oh Il Nam". You can check the credit card with the mother's name (Oh Mal Soon) – First episode – 4:17.

  14. The red card to become a guard theory doesn't make sense…

  15. Season 2 might be a prequel showing how the front man became the front man

  16. They're not father-son lol, this whole theory comes from a misunderstanding about Korean culture. People noticed that Gihun's mother's last name is Oh and so is Il-nam's so they decided they might have been married-except Korean women don't change their last names after marriage. Gihun's last name is Seong which would be his paternal name

  17. About the marbles scene: Il-Nam couldn't have predicted that there would be an odd number of people to make it to that game. He couldn't have predicted how many would die in the earlier games and couldn't have predicted how many people would die in the riot. It makes the most sense to say there was a plan in place for either outcome: if he joined the game, he'd intend to lose, and if he hadn't been picked, perhaps he would've just disappeared and the other players told he'd been eliminated.

  18. Re: Ill-Nam, in hindsight it seems he was stalling in the last game by playing senile, because he wouldn't have been able to get away with faking his death if there were more players around.

  19. I'm not a VIP… I'm closer to being a contestant if anything 😂

  20. Wow! I love that "blue/red, guard/player theory!!

  21. Gi-hun mothers name is Oh Mal-soon,Il nam’s is also Oh il nam,Il nam’s son has the same birthdate as Gi-hun’s

  22. Worth noting when he wet himself there was actually an empty bottle under the covers so was it just water on his pants? possible. We don't know Il-Nam really modelled the marble set on his old home, he was pretending to be in the throes of dementia at the time & 100% playing a game just not marbles. He wanted to see if G's compassion was genuine which it largely was thus the "I let you live" comment on his deathbed.

  23. You should check out I saw the Devil next. It's a revenge genre movie with sprinkles of a death game genre.

  24. Do you know that 456 which is the actors number is the total length time of the movie

  25. you guys have GOT to react to Jamie Costa’s new video, people are calling for a biopic to be made with him playing Robin Williams it’s FAR too accurate

  26. Hey Reel Rejects, could you react to the ROBIN Test Footage from Jamie Costa, please???

  27. The director admitted that he hadn't thought ahead for season 2 so I guess any theory could be considered true since no loose ends will be resolved any time soon.

  28. Can you react to Alice in Borderland???? it's WAYYYY better than squid game I swear

  29. i thought the guy on the phone at the end WAS telling him to come back, he basically dared him to get on the plane i got the impression. they’re watching him and were gonna sabotage the plane if he didn’t agree to come back. and now his plan is to go back and dismantle it

  30. In the scene where the VIPs and Frontman talking, one of the VIPs said that the game in Korea is the best. So that means there are other similar games in different parts of the world.

  31. You guys should react to Midnight Mass on Netflix. It’s by the same guy who did The Haunting of Hill House

  32. Gi Hun's mother's name is Oh Mal Soon so her and Il Nam have same surnames, probably she is the sister that he is not in good terms with. Remember the friend Il Nam visited when Gi Hun met him at the store. He probably slipped the card as well. Gi Hun does not even remmeber the birthdate of her so-called mom. Remember when Il Nam is losing his son's birthday is approaching as it was the 24th, the PIN that Gi Hun entered which he said was his birthday was 4/26, however his records and the birthdate he said at the end was 10/31. So he has two birthdates? Il Nam also passed on the 01 jacket which was a passing of the torch. Both love gambling and has episodes of memory loss.

  33. I feel like its hard to speculate on the numbers for the marble game because the only reason 1 person was left by themself was because they killed the doctor extracting organs and were left with uneven numbers. If he wasnt getting fed information and therefore killed the numbers would have been even and then il nam would have to play the marble game.

  34. 001 and 456 are not related, in the marbel game, 001 said that his son birthday is the 24th and 456 birthday at the end of ep 9, is october 31

  35. Can't wait for squid game season 2 🔥 so excited ✨😆

  36. The dad and son theory doesnt rlly make sense since il nams family name is oh not seong, while gi huns family name is seong
    Unless gihun / ilnam changes their family name to not be suspected

  37. I think they would let Seong Gi-hun warn new game contestants .. the point of episode 2 is that they know and that our society is in a place where it's not going to diswade them

  38. Red blue stuff just stupid theory how would it change your life if you are a guard 😂 still own like 500 million, unless they pay that much to shoot guns. 😅


  40. There is no season 2 guys. Korean shows are often one & done.

  41. The son thing is the first time I thought when IL Nam is telling a story to him.. I was thinking the same thing..

  42. that theory being red as guards… guards are highly equipped with knowledge about guns.. they can't just be hiring guards randomly from people.

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