SQUID GAME Theories: Guards & Players, Gi-Hun & Il-Nam’s Relationship, The VIPs & More REACTION!

THESE ARE CRAZY! Squid Game 오징어게임 Theories that re-shape so much involving Guards And Players, Gi-Hun And Il-Nam’s Relationship, The VIPs And More. As well as a breakdown of best theories on the ending of Squid Game, the games itself, the secrets and hidden details IE how Gi-Hun almost became a guard, whether Il-Nam is his father and why we are the VIPs.
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  1. Yo guys! you better react to that Robin test footage from Jamie Costa!

  2. I think Il-Nam in the end, was disappointed in Gi-Hun and tried to make him care for others more unfortunate than himself. It seemed to work, as he does go to Sae-Byeok’s little brother afterwards. Helping him in his own twisted way, like a father.

  3. I actually think illnam wanted to get chosen in the marbles cause he cant do the stepping stones one cause of hes tumor he could forget or he could be the 1st to go. He knew gi-hun would pick him instead if he didn't he could die in the next game or he could get pushed off

  4. I think that Ill nam is the front mans father

  5. Season 2 will be great battle between front man and Sung Ki hoon

  6. the only reason it became an odd number for marbles was because the doctor got executed for cheating with the guards if not it would have been EVEN for the marbles

  7. Should've reacted to New Rockstars break down of Squid game your mind would be blown

  8. Another small detail that I’ve not seen posted anywhere online:
    In episode 2 when Jun-Ho enters In-Ho’s abandoned apartment, we can see the apartment is small and modeled exactly like the rooms the masked workers sleep in on the island – from desk location, to the bed. This shows that In-Ho more than likely became a worker after winning the games in 2015 and wanted to stay in an apartment modeled after their rooms on the island. He probably then worked his way up to become the Front Man. I also believe he is the first and only Front Man.

  9. There's one evidence debunking father-son theory. In first episode when Gi-Hun steals mom's bank card, we see that the mother's name is Oh Mal Soon. In Korea, wives do not change their last name upon marriage. And marriage between same last name is forbidden especially in that generation.

    My theory is that the mother would've been very young during Korean War. And that Il-Nam is her older brother who got separated with his sister in the war. Similar to movie "Ode to My Father"

    This actually make sense because Mal-Soon means last girl. Il-Nam means first boy.

  10. 212 could have been saved due to the game being based on equality being a main rule. If they killed her due to not having a partner would be unfair. They had a player killed and hanged up for a reminder of this rule. The player couldn’t play, due to unfairness. They even pointed it out in the series. Along with in tug of war 001 didn’t have locks on his chains. You see this when they are laying down after winning.

  11. I know you said that we as the audience are not like the millionaires/rich folk. But there is an analogous idea of vicarious engagement between the rich folks and the audience due to reality game culture.

  12. Maybe it wasnt the red/blue envelope maybe the guards are the past winners of the squid game because if it was red/blue envelope they wouldn't be able to train properly as a staff and know everything about the game

  13. My question is, what about the players who left the game post the first round and didn’t choose to come back after the voting was over? Are they being watched by the workers? Or have they been looped back in some manner? Because the Front Man had ordered the workers to keep a watch on the players after they were dropped off on the streets (more like trash-dumped), and we know that everyone who becomes a part of the game at the some point is either being watched or is dead (like how Gi-Hun, the only surviving player is being tracked even after a year, which is evident from the fact that they knew he was boarding a flight and told him it would be best if he takes the flight.)

  14. If you haven’t seen it already, please react to Squid Game cast play charades

  15. Something I just noticed when watching the last episode again was when the Frontman came to see Ilnam’s body when he died, he was flash backing to when Ilnam told him he was going to participate in the game maybe that could be foreshadowing him joining the game too or at least something other than just spectating. I don’t know if that makes any sense but I thought it was kinda cool interesting

  16. There is a winner list that the cop looks at and the front man’s name is on it. He won in 2015 (if I remember correctly).

  17. Guys react to Sex Education series on Netflix, its so good ❤️

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  19. Maybe all the VIP’s are all former winners

  20. Wait we never found out how Gi-Hun almost became a God tho

  21. Probably the square guards have been there once. Probably the guards started from being circle ones first.

  22. He forget the director already said the blue and red wasn’t about the guards vs players

  23. A blessed day to you brothers and sisters. (We are all called to be family in Christ!🙂) Family, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD DIED FOR OUR SINS, HE WAS BURIED, AND HE ROSE AGAIN THE THIRD DAY!🙂💯🔥 Jesus (the SON OF GOD) LOVES US ALL! Peace and love to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus!🙂

  24. There are people that feel like that and can't watch it.

  25. I think he is going to try to stop the game! Thats why he didnt go on the plane.

  26. I think it make sense they didnt kill the lady near the end. Squid games was about being fair and as she explains they follow the rule that says kids cant be left behind… which is about fairness.

    But i do think Il nam xould easily have used thag moment as an out had he been the last one. But killing the lady was out of the question i think. They only killed people for losing or breaking a rule. She did neither.

  27. I actually could believe that theory that Il-nam knows what's going to happen. Or at least he assumes.

    It could be true that it's a test to see who among the players would chose him to be the partner in the Marble Game.

    If no one picked Il-nam, as Han Min Yeo said, he could be the "Odd one out" instead of Han Minyeo and automatically passed the fourth game. But if someone picked Il-nam, it could be the luck of that person (in this case, Gi-Hun) since he's going to let himself defeated in that game anyway and Gi-Hun is kind of granted a free pass to the next game.

  28. The fact that the key characters in this theories are Players 001 and 456. The first and the last player. 001 being the First to finish the first game, and 456 being the last player standing at the last game.

    Yes this is just small, useless detail.

  29. the blue card = guard theory doesn't hold up due to 28, 29, + the others with the organ harvesting operation unless guards are chosen for a different timeframe than the players are

  30. Another theory I saw is that Il-Nam is the Front Man’s dad, not necessarily the detective’s dad too but at least the FM’s. I think that actually makes a ton of sense as opposed to him being Gi-Hun’s dad.

  31. you guys should react to Bryce Edwards videos about squid game explained videos his is way more plausible and he debunked the guards theory.

  32. Gihuns bday is on the same date as ilnam mentioned about his own son

  33. If the guards are just people who chose the red card. Can't they just shoot the front man? Since they always have guns and they've met with the Vips. They can kill them if they wanted to.

  34. I've watched enough Korean TV shows that I totally believe the theory that Il-Nam is Gihyun's father. It would fit in with the story line from so many I've seen.

  35. Those were hands down the stupidest theories i have ever heard. The series is extremely straightforward, border lining with stupidity. There is literally no hidden agenda in the script whatsoever.

  36. The old man and Gi hun's mom have the same family name Oh. You can see her full name when he steals her bank card.

  37. Maybe like joker movie, his mom just an employee at il nam house/office

  38. My theory is that gi hun will return to squid game and be a player and be old and be like il nam

  39. Well, the old man being his father seems weird to me, because if he wanted to give his fortune to his son through this game and therefor let him win, he wouldn't step out in the glas-hopping game. Because from then he couldn't control the outcome that much anymore. And I can NEVER believe he would take over the lead…And it doesn't match up because if Il-nam left his child because of boredom and set up the games it would mean Gi-yun was already a bit older and he must have been VERY young to not remember his father. And the VIP thing doesn't make sense at all. Also the thing Ge-oun is taking over the game… He EXPIERENCED it, unlike Il-nam. Also, the creator of the game said he didn't even think of a season 2 yet, so it can't be he created season 1 with so many clues to season 2

  40. What if il-nam was the father of the co worker who died during the strike.? Because he always nentions his son in past tense not present…. ? And maybe thats why he also remembered hearing about it?

  41. My only theory about the guards is that they are probably criminals promised of some sort of freedom from the law or something. Just their actions might proved it, like what the guard did to the lady they operated on. They are scums that can willingly kill as well. The first theory just wont work for gi hun cause his character isn't violent.

  42. My theory re: The Front Man-He's undercover.

  43. there is no way its for inheritance to Gihun BC the games have been going on since like 1999,, he doesn't give away his inheritance to every winner cause thats illogical, how could the games ever continue?

  44. As theorized, perhaps after In-ho won he also sought to destroy the system just like what Gi-hun seems to be planning to do on the finale. However, maybe somewhere along the line, In-ho is forced to realize that he couldn't beat the system so he decided to join them to try and change it gradually from the inside. The game seems to have been happening for years based on the rows of files in the records room. For all we know, the game could have been less fair and democratic, and more battle-royale-like in the past. Perhaps, only when In-ho became the overseer did they allow players to vote to leave (and return if they want), play twisted children's games instead of outright killing each other off, and apply the philosophy of equal opportunity among the players.

    Also, in that close range he could've shot his brother in the head but he "missed" and shot his brother on the shoulder instead. This suggests that he does love his brother still (he did give him one of his kidneys after all) and probably shot him because they're surrounded by the guards and this was the only way to let him escape.

  45. I would've agreed about the thing son and father, but gi Hans birthday is on 31st while il nams sons birthday is like 24th as he said while the marble game

  46. i wonder many watchers gambled on who was gonna win and die lol

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