Squid Game – The pink soldiers scene (Ep. 3)

Number 29 is acting odd. Hmm, I wonder why?


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  2. 0:34 Guys please, no jokes, no sarcasm. I need an answer. Does anyone know why this guy was looking at him like that and why did one of the guards cough "Number 29" in morse code? Does anyone know like who that was or something cus that still confuses me to this day

  3. Circle= Workers/Cleaners
    Triangle= Soldiers/Executioners
    Square= Vigilance soldiers/Admins/Emergency soldiers

  4. This one little scene shows us the pink guys aren’t totally safe either, they too have rules they must follow or die.

  5. This is what I would be doing if this was real, a worker at the bottom of the totem pole.

  6. 0:34
    Even though you can't see his face you can obviously tell his emotions "bruh. Why are you acting suspicious today"

  7. 0:34 “Dave be acting mighty suspicious today, and I swear to god he was taller”

  8. I love how the circle looks at him at 0:34, like, ‘Have you lost your key again, Gary?’

  9. I want to know what kind of squid game is the most deadly

  10. I love how even when the masks, you can totally tell their expressions XD 0:40

  11. Circle be like “ I always feel like, somebodys watching mehhhhh”

    Edit:and circle be like”wut the how am I supposed to pee when there’s camera-“

  12. I have successfully applied for a pink soldier job.. Wish me luck

  13. I forgot his name but this is like the only pink soldier that isn’t emotionless

  14. Not even lying , they (as well as the setting of the island) make the story 10 times more addicting , without this side plot , the games would just be a bit dead

  15. do the scene where 001 is worried about brain tumor

  16. My teacher:DONT CHEAT
    My annoying friend: 0:33
    Me:what bro?
    My annoying friend:Yo Miss ma friend here has something

  17. These rooms looks like cell to me are they somehow like prisoners?!

  18. “Working hard or hardly working, eh Mack?”

  19. The other pink soldier is like: That's kinda suspicious 🤨

  20. Why that pink soldier is very hard unlock the room?

  21. So all circle guards are watched when they use the bathroom etc?

  22. My favourite scene is when player 69 hangs himself and one of the vips react

  23. AM TO SCARED TO BE IN A SQUID GAME but I wish was like them with pink colors my family can be one but am 13 I wish i was like them as a solider to but am scared they going to kill me to go to heaven

  24. The other guard was staring at him like are u going to get in or what? 😂

  25. why was it kinda cute how the pink soldier noticed the camera 1:00

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