Squid Game The Challenge Behind the Scenes with Player 035

If you’ve been watching ‘Squid Game the Challenge’ you probably have as many questions about the BTS experience as I do! Listen to my episode with Megan to find out if the cast was paid, what the living conditions were like, more about how the games actually worked & what strategies seemed to take the players furthest! Check out some of the time stamps below if you want to skip around, and don’t forget to follow P.U. on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

0:00 – Introducing Megan & Casting Process
13:59 – Players Helping E/O during Dalgona
18:55 – RLGL Behind the Scenes
26:00 – Alliances
33:00 – Mai’s Strategy & Winners Strategies
39:00 – Squid Game the Challenge Tea
44:13 – Behind the Scenes (Guards, Payment, Food, Living Conditions)

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