Squid Game – Sugar Honeycombs Scene ( Subtitles )

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  1. I just wished they actually made an anime about this

  2. Why is it so much harder than it looks on TV?

  3. shows cookie umbrella to guard
    “Understandable il just kill you now “

  4. Why gi-hun get sweat of wetting umbrella

  5. Авторские права на это видео не распространяются?

  6. When goung down on a woman, memorize and utilize the "Gi-hun" technique.

  7. The guards are play station controlers

  8. Why shoot the bum and the licking like that?…

  9. He acted well but not good when compared to Bob odenkirk who deserves the emmy 😢

  10. Bro the music for this scene is the funniest. People are literally getting shot and then theres the music.

  11. 0:16 Iconic

    I genuinely wonder if anyone besides him actually got the umbrella out. There's so much more detail, and the entire bottom half is so unbelievably fragile. It's like having one chance at a game with Easy, Medium, Hard, and Dark Souls Boss.

  12. I played Roblox Squid Game when I played Sugar Honeycombs I got the umbrella and I cut it perfectly

  13. If I do that, the cookie dissappear 😂😂

  14. I tried the circle in real life and it was easy
    I don’t know if it was easy because i did the circle or because it was actually easy

  15. one of the staff wear like why are you licking

  16. And he was the only one who managed to carve out the umbrella shape

  17. Youtubers PLAY SQUID GAME in Real LIFE // NEW…

  18. 3 MNJN…………………………………………………………


  20. We are in 2024 I wanna see squid game and all of us are dead season 2 will released in January

  21. My favourite part when the guard look at them like what the heck it's soo funny 😂😂

  22. Who else is here after "OH MY GOD!!! ITS HOME SAY YOUNG FROM THE SQUID GAME" 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Women already knew the secret:

    Fumbling it with your hands, standard.
    Licking, even better!

  24. Me being so confused why they all shocked when they open the tin. LIKE THEY LITERALLY KNEW WHAT THEY PICKED. Anyway we gonna talk about the 2nd persons reaction when she opened the tin. She was like SON OF A BIC- oop my bad yall

  25. Kivaivag a 🎉ok 😢nawet w 😂schowku 😅😂😢😅dxja s as as za a

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