Squid game players + front man and jun ho react to Roasting every squid game character

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  1. Ashley lucy hermione namra nayeon Andreea potter says:

    Can you make them react to all of us are dead

  2. Can you add 324 and 250 in the video

  3. Can main characters in their

  4. Noice can they also react to squid game 2 minutes 31 seconds?

  5. Amazing as always! I really appreciate every efforts you've done just for us 💖 🙂

    Anyway Kotte Animations uploaded the New Squid Game animation parody just to let you know if you wanna make them 🙂

    P.s : Take your time as well too 🙂

  6. Squid game reaction if mario was in squid game

  7. SquiD game react to kotte animation part 3

  8. Can you react to if the doll was out of order

  9. Add 324 and 250 in feb 4, ok

  10. And react to them if they survived red light green light

  11. Can you make them react to the video "squid game is actually a halirious comedy"?

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