squid game player 119 gets a guard English dub scene


  1. I feel bad for the guard that got hurt when he was trying to kill 119

  2. Dude, you complained about who got what before the game started, a majority didn't know what the game was going to be, you chose an umbrella without knowing what the game was, you fucked up

  3. Squid game player 119 no sang hyun was doing the right thing cause the evil guards and I got a guard and it was a teenager and he shot himself and the front man shot the guard

  4. 2:01 Liu Kang’s voice from Mortal Kombat

  5. It’s bad cause of the killing and nasty stuff and cussing and nudity and sex

  6. He should have emptied that revolver into those guards, taking as many of them with him as he could. Thats the only normal thing to do in game like that, kill as many guards as you can. Screw winning, they are the "bad guys".

  7. He killed himself cause he was supposed to die

  8. Squid guard got fired for removing the mask

  9. he was so fine and only got like 2 seconds screentime😭 and even died

  10. 2:22 Guess #29's not gonna be asked about that confusion ahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Soldier fires his revolver but he grabs it. And guards turn down and gun down the players with their MP5 rifles

  12. whats the name of the background music?

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