Squid Game – Pink soldiers waking up scene (Ep. 3)

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  1. In case if anyone’s wondering what was it with the staring.

    The Guard got suspicious on Jun Ho A.K.A the cop in disguise when he turned his key the wrong way when they were entering their rooms

  2. 0:38 "yo bro you got gum?"
    "No, sorry bro."
    "Its good, anyway let's go murder people."

  3. The good thing is that the masks have oxygen for the user

  4. I wonder if he sleeps with his uniform on as he threw his clothes away

  5. OMG Noise in the background in 0:01 reminds me of the FNAF 6 AM BELL

  6. I think these guards are either past winners, kidnapped children brain washed like child soldiers, or prisoners that had life sentences and the creators of the game got them out to work for them.

  7. 0:37 me staring at my friend who bought food (he still owes me money)

  8. Post more clips and scenes pls I would really appreciate

  9. Lmao I like how two circles of rooms 028 and 029 look at each other

  10. The first guy looked really nice without the mask on

  11. Uhh What Happened If They Don’t Wake Up After 10 Minutes?

  12. I love how their wakeup jingle is a deranged version of the famous Dies Irae que.
    Figuratively spoken: they wake up with death, because they will bring him upon the green convicts.

  13. They are like somehow prisoners?! These rooms looks like cell to me

  14. My favourite guard is circle, which one is ie favourite guard?

  15. This is depressing-
    I always wake up late for school-

  16. Ha gay! I'm just kidding. Anyways… who turns their heads that slowly? Are they in love? I mean 28 and 29? I know '29' is just the cop. But does 28 love the real 29? I am curious… lol

  17. Hi my favorite guard is the circle and square and triangle

  18. boa foi muito bem esse vídeo

  19. I wonder if the show would have been still popular if it was accepted back in 2004 or something like that.

  20. Actually i'm scared by squid game and doll

  21. I want to know if they have the alarm clock. Anyone knows what’s the bell sound name??

  22. They deserved to be dead

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