Squid game | pink guard takes off his mask

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  1. That the boss is so irigant the pink guard is force to remove his mask cause that player will shoot him if he not take off his mask and the player suicide and the boss shoot that pink guard but why? There's no happening if they take off their mask

  2. This scene is powerful, because the player recognizes how fucked up it all really is. The square guard is just a kid. The player prefers to commits suicide than to kill the kid, because he is shocked and because kids are innocent by default. The guard's indifference and passiveness shows how monstrous the Game is

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  4. I never go in squid game becuase im a pink soldier from front man and you just killed me

  5. He just kill himself before He take off his mask

  6. There's a mistake the square guard (manager) get shot in left hand by the player but when the frontman come to kill the guard the wound turns to right hand…

  7. After everybody died the police’s brother be like : lets go kids

  8. Wait this guy has 456 subs right? Theres a player has a 456 player its same lol

  9. 119: tries not to get killed
    Also 119: kills himself

  10. Honestly this guy was kinda smart to actually fight for himself, the downsie to this was he was obviously gonna get outnumbered and die

  11. 😭😭😭😭 Poor guard

  12. I love how dissonant the background is with all the blood.

  13. I probably would've just tried to shoot as many of the pink guards as I could before they got me

  14. Bruh the frontman get renvege on the pink guard

  15. His face caused him to shoot himself 🙁

  16. Killing that kid was a bit rough-

    Just to say ITS SAD

  17. I should not takes off my mask cuz I should died when I was a guards😐-_-#¿?

  18. "Mask Uber Alles" every delusional Pseudo-Science Lefty knows that!

  19. bro how did they ignore the soldier who gos stabbed in the eye and is laying on the floor. also square guy fucked up and its kind of scary

  20. thats what the mask is, thats what the point of the mask is

  21. everyone can tell that the gun is fake because it's full of plastic.

  22. Im still confused the player wont know anymore if he is d e a d

  23. Plot twist: front man was going to hand the gun to the guard but considering the player shot himself, he had to shoot someone sooo he shot the guard instead

  24. 64 but Squid Game and everyone dead.

  25. 400th comment!!! Thanks for showing us this

  26. 2:36 shoot with left hand
    2:51 gun in right hand

    Maybe StormShadow is ambidextrous

  27. :player attacks triangle guard
    :square guard dies
    :all triangle guards gets gun out
    :all triangle guards shoots all players

  28. I watched this because I was curious what was behind the mask, I expected it to be some mangled face but I guess not lol

  29. 2:27 is what at that moment the player 119 knew he fucked up

  30. Me: I am here
    James: wait you forgot your phone
    Me: did I
    James: yes
    Me: 2:26

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