Squid game | pink guard takes off his mask

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  1. I feel bad for all the players who were slaughtered. They all played the game fair and won and were about to leave to continue the game, but this one guy wouldn’t accept his death and rebelled, and the soldiers killed all of the innocent players

  2. man:put gun at back and holds* me:Im that person thinks in head

  3. “Remember. Once they find out who you are, you die”

  4. what happened to the guard who got stabbed in the eye ?

  5. So this is why the debate of choosing the red card is wrong

  6. Out of curiosity, how did the dub handle this scene?

  7. My theory is that the reason that instead of just sending the losers home that they shoot and kill them, is this:

    Every single one of those players were in massive debt. They wanted to offer a way out for the people who didn’t make the cut for a cash reward. If they were to throw them back out into the world, they would continue to suffer debt, and probably get killed by whoever they were in debt to anyway; as shown by Gi-Hun’s collectors who almost bled him out.

  8. after seeing how emotionless straight forward the guards were, I thought they were just gonna ice both the square soldier and the player.

  9. To be honest I feel like squid game is racist in a way

  10. I like how the main character gets the hardest shape

  11. That's sad, Player 119 was so nice even after all the things the gaurds did he still gave that kid a chance to take off his mask and show his face and even killed himself because he didn't wanna kill somebody so young.

  12. But how come the umbrella-shaded thing just break?!

  13. Imagine if he dropped the umbrella and it broke.. 🙃

  14. Imagine jun-ho's mask just falls off and then the front man aims his gun at him but then puts it back down in shock

  15. 1:30 😛😷🤚 This is food. The lose players should be out of the game, shouldn't shoot the lose players.

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