xQc Plays in the third day of the Twitch Rivals Event: Squid Craft Games 2!
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  1. if only techno was here the strats he would come up with to come out on top would be insane

  2. rewatched theses videos because how good they were. I wish he survived longer, I tried watching other people's povs to watch the rest of the event but it just wasn't the same without x

  3. The ending death scene with everyone exploding was actually quite cool and well-done. Plus I love when they have music like that just playing over some insane massacre in shows or movies, it gives such great character to the scene. Very cool event.

  4. So salty rn. Also the way they presented their deaths was SO SAD BRUH.. it was fun, gg

  5. I love xqc!!!!!!!!!!!! hand-pink-wavingface-blue-smilingface-blue-smilingface-red-droopy-eyesface-red-droopy-eyestext-green-game-overtext-green-game-overtext-green-game-overface-green-smilingface-green-smilingface-green-smilingface-orange-frowningface-orange-frowningface-orange-frowningperson-turqouise-wavingtext-green-game-overtext-green-game-overtext-green-game-overtext-green-game-overtext-green-game-overtext-green-game-overbody-blue-raised-armsbody-blue-raised-armsbody-blue-raised-armsbody-blue-raised-armsbody-blue-raised-armsface-purple-smiling-fangsface-purple-smiling-fangsface-purple-smiling-fangsface-purple-smiling-fangsthanksdocthanksdocglasses-purple-yellow-diamondface-blue-smilingface-blue-smilinghand-pink-wavinghand-pink-wavinghand-pink-wavinghand-pink-wavinghand-pink-wavingface-blue-smilingface-blue-smilingface-blue-smilingface-red-droopy-eyesface-red-droopy-eyesface-red-droopy-eyesface-red-droopy-eyesface-red-droopy-eyesface-purple-cryingface-purple-cryingface-purple-cryingface-red-heart-shapeface-red-heart-shapeface-red-heart-shapeface-orange-biting-nailsface-orange-biting-nailsface-fuchsia-tongue-out

  6. Wow he really is good at turning nothing into something

  7. Man this event was so so good , I didnt knew what Minecraft truly has to offer .

  8. Un final tremendo, sin oportunidad para los grandes streaming 😭😭😭😭 Rubiuz, auron y xqc

  9. I just shat all over my room………….

  10. If u see drenotusable say i as here that was me

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