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  1. english speakers werent given proper instructions from the "seventy tree" girl that voiced everything with no right intonation

  2. X during the egg hunt was so pepega it tilted me lmfaoo. Bro said he was just gonna grief them the whole time then just ran around like a headless chicken.

  3. listening to shitty TTS spamming 7 for years has made Xqc unable to listen to instructions.

  4. Hearing Dream got eliminated because he saved sapnap was actually sad

  5. Holy shit i work at a kindergarten and the pre-schoolers theres are more capable of forming a straight line than those guys

  6. I love how the entire chat is telling him not to drink or eat but his adhd is telling him to eat and drink so badly, x is way to curious 😂😂

  7. Why are people saying they lost because it wasn't well explained? That's completely irrelevant given that everybody got the same info.

    Sure it could have made the game more enjoyable, and maybe also change the result, but it doesn't change the fact that the other team adapted faster.

  8. Thanks for spoiler in thumbnail 5Head editor 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  9. crazy how xqcs chat starts flaming the woman for speaking when shes trying to explain to X's rarted ass how the game works

  10. I mean dream only became popular through cheating his way to minecraft wr… deserved xd

  11. The egg game they just needed a controller and to pass the eggs like a football and they would've easily won but with this many people yelling its hard to coordinate 0*100 iq streamers who just get paid to play games lol


  13. What eve was the criteria for the eliminated players? It seemed they were randomly chosen after the game

  14. The only reason green won is because they placed there OWN green eggs in the spot in the beginning if they actually did what the red team was doing and trying to get the enemies eggs red team would’ve won

  15. Damn the 'Dream Team' is actually good at making content. The bed time was so entertaining and nerveracking to watch, no matter how many time I watch it.

  16. When x was saying some pepega shit as per usual

    Someone in chat said ”nah lil bro onto nothing” 💀💀💀

  17. Bua estoy viendo de otros creadores, sobretodo de quien realizo el evento: AURONPLAY, RUBIUS… BRUTAL

  18. The Lights out was intense as shit. From Stacking with the whole English guys, to repositioning and getting ambushed by a big squad, only to fucking run away and hide in the friendly group.

  19. estuvo triste, xQc y tubbo eran mis gallos, y los eliminaron al mismo tiempo :,v ya ni modo, espero tengan suerte en los S3 del 2024, muchas gracias a la comunidad inglesa por interesarse en participar en nuestro eventos de habla hispana, espero mas creadores de contenido de otros paises entren en el siguiente S3 o en otro eventos de minecraft que tenemos de este lado.

  20. I hope english community invite spanish streamers to their event

  21. X was so selfish during the egg game and never focused on defence, he was the reason why they lost

  22. X ran from dream instead of helping him and then posed for a picture with his corpse… Im Speechless

  23. bro i love you so much X, but my god wtf were you doing for 40% of that game just roaming around..

  24. I feel bad for that girl on their team in the egg game. She's the only person who understands how the game works and everyone is ignoring her and constantly shouting commands

  25. who ever the screaming girl was from the egg capturing game my god i had to go on mute and just leave it like that for a while

  26. watched like 5 hours of vods just for him to lose? fuck this guy man

  27. anyone else realize the thumbnail changed?

  28. yo does anyone know whats the song that plays in the background at 4:18?

  29. Ngl the main focus of the egg hunt game should be to stop the enemy from getting points.

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