SQUID GAME/mask off

SQUID GAME/mask off

another clip from the Hit series in Netflix
SQUID GAME.one of the part I liked..(includes
the mask off of a police agent which he would be kill if he refuse to do)

DISCLAIMER: video are not mine..for entertainment porpuses only/courtesy of Netflix

Pobreng malipayon😂✌️
(Pulubing masayahin)

Mapapanood nyo po sa channel ko ang simpleng buhay probinsya namin,mga libangan,pati na din mga kalokohan at pati na din simpleng rides at charity namin Kasama Ng mga brother and sister ko sa motor group..sana po ay suportahan nyo Yung channel ko salamat..

Para po sa susunod pang sarisaring video paki click lang po ang link👇👇👇

DISCLAIMER:Hindi po Ako professional at Hindi rin po Ako magaling mag edit.. pasensya na din po mumurahing cp lang ginagamit ko sa pagrecord at pag edit Ng aking mga video/capcut app..


  1. Of course in a game show set in South Korea, organized and run by South Koreans, with all the contestants being South Koreans, they somehow managed to shoehorn in white men as the ultimate villains.
    Apparently white people are the villains of every story on Earth now, even in a homogenous Asian country thousands of miles from any white people.

  2. As an American, I LOVE his accent. 🇰🇷👍🏻

  3. Btw this type of stuff happens in real life look up the reality of billionaires sex drugs parties and Hollywood people you would be shocked!!!! It’s really disgusting

  4. I hated the vip’s in this show they were so corny man

  5. انا كنت احب لعبة حبار بس في شي مو اوكي🤨🤨

  6. I can only assume the old man is pro gay rights

  7. he won't just let a pedophile smoke his pepe

  8. no

  9. squid game when im watching alone: violence, drama
    squid game when my mom comes in:

  10. I love the cop bro he really infiltrated a whole organization by himself and got all the evidence he needed I hope he comes back in season 2 my favorite character by far

  11. Bro really said the real 69 and bon appétit…😢

  12. 0:50. What sound did he just make after saying “the real 69 huh?”

  13. I love how he always repeats what people say to him

  14. Because wi ha jun is a handsome man that's why he feels attracted to wi ha jun's personality

  15. To think, when that old guy was in his 30s, that young guy who gave him the ball squeeze was probably only 5 or 6 years old! 😳🥴

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