Squid Game KILL COUNT (How Many People Die In Squid Game?) ☠️

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Squid Game KILL COUNT (How Many People Die In Squid Game?) ☠️

No, we aren’t done talking about Squid Game. This show obviously has a lot of death in… I mean, this isn’t Wheel of Fortune… How else are you going to eliminate contestants?

With that said, today we’re going to get precise… and figure out exactly how much death there is in the show. We’re talking about giving Squid Game the good old-fashioned kill count treatment.
How much carnage was there in the most popular Netflix show of all time?

Let’s find out.


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  1. Why did I waste my time to watch this oof

  2. Imagine being so weak you due to a few half assed kicks to the stomach

  3. 454 people died bro we don't need kill count

  4. Player 204 was actually the 11th member of a Tug Of War team (he died)

  5. 455 players died
    I answered without seeing this video

  6. It should be 455 player deaths because even though some players didn’t come back, Gi-hun still won 45.6b won so the guards must have killed them . I don't think so because our total kill count still reached 455 which was actually supposed to be there.

    Conclusion:- seeing squid game's so many secrets I don't think that it's just a coincidence. So this is bound to do smth. with second season

  7. what about 12 in line of the glass bridge death it was of screen

  8. This would be extreme ADIS James to kill count this

  9. I didnt see that person hanging, i think im dumb, i saw the series 3/4 times :/

  10. In other words:

    Entering this game is basically a death sentence
    This game is made just to kill off poor people so only the rich remain
    And to curb overpopulation

  11. I'll give the Golden Chainsaw for coolest kill to Deok Su. Cause fuck that guy! Good on the crazy lady for insulting his cowardice AND dick size as they went down.
    Dull Machete for lamest kill will go to… 113, I guess? So many people get stabbed or shot. Almost expected them to turn into red marbles like in As The Gods Will.
    Special award is the Velvet Flag for best death game. The Marbles round was THE highlight of the show for me, not only for the various ways someone could play, but for the amount of emotion the main characters conveyed during it. I felt pretty damn emotional when a couple characters gave their marbles up to save their partners. Reply down below: how would you play with the marbles if you were in this situation? If enough marbles were available, I'd play Mancala. I love that game.

  12. deok su was stupid, when player 407 died, he attemped to kill 8 other people and killed 322, then gets killed himself, plus if sangwoo invote the 3rd clause why did he vote yes

  13. Player 101 could of took damage comparing how high that bridge was the water may have been have a hard texture please don't comment me

  14. Wait you forgot player 360 at the glass bridge game! He was after deok su and Han mi nyeo and he was pushed by player 17

  15. U could easily say 455 players because everyone dies accept who wins lol

  16. Of the first player made it to the end all players will make it to the end in glass bridge

  17. 455 players dead guards 4 dead civilians 1 dead cops 1 dead total:461*maybe 461🤷🏻*

  18. Ok. Basically if Oh-ll-man died that would lead to 455 deaths but he died in the hospital scene adding one more to 454.

  19. 455 players die in Squid Game
    4 guards die
    1 cop dies
    Total deaths: 460

  20. The player death count is incorrect because 441 players died (which includes the old man) because 14 players didn't return after the vote plus gi-hun. 443+15 is 458 but 441+15 is 456 you miss counted in marbles.

  21. IL-nam is not dead in the marble game he owns the game

  22. The background song at the begining makes me want to cry 😭😭😭

  23. I don't know why but player 456 the main player he reminds me of markiplier

  24. Just a glass of milk with internet connection says:

    Well u don’t need a whole vedio there’s 456 contestants and 1 wins do the math

  25. 5:35 .. why?

    Squid game director: What?


  26. Another flashback miss (although onscreen) Gi-hun's friend at the plant, who gets bludgeoned by a cop.

  27. Jordan Rios: More VHS & DVD openings says:

    The game is red light green light don't move on red light

  28. The total at the end was 455, one less than the number of players even though you counted others, and the counter shows only 433 players died. Why? Didn’t everyone except Gi-Hun die?

  29. You made 3 mistakes in your count (please don't tell me that I misspelled the names if I did):
    1. The manager that was helping the organ selling team was caught, killed and was hung by his arms in the main staircase. (+1 death)
    2. After the 3rd game, there were 40 players left, and after that the doctor was killed. Meaning that for the marble game there were 39 players and Han Mi-Nyeo was dragged to the dorm for not having a partner. So in the 4th game there were 38 people playing. Also Il-Nam didn't die in the game, he died later, and they just had to count his 'death' to the number board because it would be too risky/suspicious. So in the 4th game there were actually 22 deaths instead of 23. You counted Il'Nam's death 2 times. Holy hell that was a lot of writing. (-1 death).
    3. You didn't count the death of a man on a strike that was mentioned by Gi-Hun, and then by Il-Nam. (+1 death)
    So the count is actually 455 + 1 – 1 + 1 = 456 What an interesting coincidence

  30. I wanna know who was 5th please in squid game

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