‘Squid Game’-Inspired Guards Oversee Civil Servants in Indonesia

An unusual antidote to recruitment exam nerves was offered to applicants hoping to join a department of the civil service in Indonesia, Friday (22 OCTOBER 2021), as the regional office of the East Java Ministry of Law looked to “Squid Game”-inspired role play, to diffuse tension.

Prospective employees for placements as prison guards and immigration inspectors were approached by “Squid Pink” personnel holding toy long-barreled guns and demanding whether their registration paperwork was complete.

Dressed in pink “Squid Game”-style overalls, with their faces covered, the cast also helped with metal detector checks, and walked between rows of candidates seated to take the selection test.

The role play is part of efforts to relax the high pressure atmosphere, which can affect performance on the test, explained the head of the regional office of the East Java Ministry of Law, Kris Mono.

“By presenting Squid Pink, we intend to entertain the participants who will take the exam so that they are not tense, stay happy during the exam during this pandemic because by being happy they can increase their immunity”

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  1. This was done to RELAX the applicants, wtf is wrong with the world? Also those "toys" appear quite real with a cursory glance. This is shameful.

  2. What a bunch of idiots imitating really stupid idiots

  3. I would beat him up for putting this in my face

  4. I want to find a place on earth far far away from everything. No news, no tv, no phone or laptop. I am so done !!!!!

  5. National institution is inspired from a serial such a childish and pathetic act, salute to those girls who aren’t telling them to fack off.

  6. Noooo… I’m not trying to take an important life changing exam.. why do you ask..?? 😏

  7. Bloomberg did not have much comment on the statement of the people who did this. It is in the description. People of the world can tell the dumb asses who did this to the victims who were not consensually playing a video game or were warned ahead of time that there will be “gun play” at the testing center should sue these people and the authorities who allowed this to happen. I would be so pissed if this was what I was exposed to when I came to take a life changing opportunity exam. The poor women there are likely freaked out but endure the entitled 3rd world authorities because they are not empowered. Anyone else have a comment for this country that will never get my tourist dollars or investment money?

  8. Even the show had better gun discipline and looked like actual guards this looks like terrorists holding hostages and they wearing the same costumes lol

  9. That would make me more stressed!! Strange very strange.

  10. I've never seen something so got damn disturbing.

  11. But the guards were always so motionless and stern. They stand straight to assert power and dominance. They also dont talk much to create a sense of tension and seriousness. They also do not walk around like they r trying to be stealth. They r in control. If ure gonna do some disturbing sht like this at least do it correctly

  12. Was this real? Even if it isn’t…why give some maniacs that idea!!?

  13. maybe i don’t fully understand the environment here but it feels like it’s not being perceived well at all and is actually not very entertaining

  14. The brainwashing propaganda machine is everywhere now and I guarantee whoever is reading this are part of or onboard the PsyOp at this point. Not many are truly woke and able to filter out the psychology because MOST are of the immoral backwards think now.

  15. This is disrespectful.

    A real fan of the show knows only the triangles have guns. They need to serious reevaluate the show right away

  16. human rights with gun? is the planning to just kill human?

    Meanwhile in Indonesia:

  18. I get what they were trying but those toy guns!!!
    They look replica quality real.
    They should have got brightly coloured water guns, unfilled since the students are going for an exam, not a fun hour.

  19. Guns are nothing compared to all women forced to wear that

  20. What the hell did I just see? Maybe Bloomberg should do a slightly longer take

  21. I have very confused feelings about this. Its an uncomfortable feeling more than it is accepting while laughing and considering it as a joke. Im just going dust this one under the rug and just say to myself that the culture has different interpretations and senses of humor. What could be perceived as shock value here could be an a “cute” innocent joke there.. still weird af tho putting a gun in someones face/head like that even though we all know their toys.

  22. “The role play is part of efforts to relieve the high pressure atmosphere.”
    Most of them don’t look amused or relieved. They look either annoyed or deeply uncomfortable. This was maybe the dumbest fucking thing they could’ve done. Nobody wants to be fake threatened while working and especially not with fake guns that could pass for the real thing.


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