SQUID GAME IN REAL LIFE | Making A Miniature Guard

Hello everybody! Guys, we can’t stop making crafts from the Squid Game TV series! It inspired us a lot! We have already made a strange moving doll. Have you seen this? So today we’re going to craft a mysterious guard in a pink suit! And the base for this craft will be an ordinary Bratz doll! Are you ready? Let’s go!

What are we going to do? First, let’s redo the makeup a bit. Then let’s sew a new suit! Do you remember that the guards wore the same pink jumpsuits with a black belt? We will exactly repeat it! The main accessory of the soldiers is a black mask with a geometric figure. We will scrape this out of black fabric and draw a white triangle. It will turn out so cool! Dress up our Bratz doll in her new outfit, add an accessory, and that’s all!

Cool craft based on the popular TV series is ready! And hardly anyone will guess who is hiding under the mask!

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  1. Wow 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤩 so beautiful

  2. bratz doll into squid game Guard ! LOVEEE IT 🤍🙏🏽

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  5. Thanks for always posting new posts 😍😍👍👍

  6. Looks like something I'd keep on my work desk

  7. eu gostei muito muito 5 year ❤😻💜🥰😊

  8. I love the part where the girl eats the honeycomb

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  10. Dudy why did you use your own gloves

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  14. wow it so beautiful and creative

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  16. Muy bien 👍 el muñequito me gustó pero es un poco aburrido 😑🤑

  17. Tris dou wow lindo muñeco de squid game

  18. Nossa! Vcs sabem pinta e desenhar muinto o meu filho faz arte também como vcs

  19. And you knew that your logo was stolen, only the background is green

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