Squid Game In Real Life! || A SQUID GAME Diorama, DIY Moving Doll & Guard Doll

What’s going on? Is our crafter going to participate in the Squid Game? Almost! But not really! Don’t worry guys!

So, today we’re going to make a diorama based on the Squid Game TV Series! Do you remember the bright, sometimes childlike locations where the characters played various survival games? Let’s recreate them in real life!

In total, we will create 5 different locations. The first is the money dome room where the characters slept. The second location is the field where the competition with a huge moving doll called “Red light – green light” took place. The third location is a pink and yellow staircase that the characters used to move between the competition rooms. The fourth location is a playground where the characters played the game “Sugar honeycomb”. And the fifth location is a glass bridge! Watch our video to the end to see the entire diorama in full glory! We are sure you will definitely like this craft!

By the way, do you remember the huge “cute” doll at the beginning? That’s what we will recreate, too! Our doll will be able to shoot (don’t worry, it will shoot with safe tiny discs) and even move! Our craft can open its mouth, as well as ride on the floor and turn its head. Cool, isn’t it? To do this, we need an old robot, an ordinary Bratz doll, polymer clay, magnets, foil, and other necessary things and let’s start the craft lesson!

We will try to make everything as realistic as possible so that the doll is exactly like the original character. Therefore, we will repeat the outfit and hairstyle of our movie character. And of course, its unusual mechanism and ability to move will be undeniable features that you will love!

But that’s not all for today: we’re going to craft a mysterious guard in a pink suit as well! And the base for this craft will be an ordinary Bratz doll! Are you ready? Let’s go!

What are we going to do? First, let’s redo the makeup a bit. Then let’s sew a new suit! Do you remember that the guards wore the same pink jumpsuits with a black belt? We will exactly repeat it! The main accessory of the soldiers is a black mask with a geometric figure. We will scrape this out of black fabric and draw a white triangle. It will turn out so cool! Dress up our Bratz doll in her new outfit, add an accessory, and that’s all!

Cool crafts based on the popular TV series are ready! And hardly anyone will guess who is hiding under the mask!

00:00 Diorama Based On The Squid Game TV Series

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