Squid Game: How we find out the old man is the master mind #squidgame #squidgamenetflix #squidgames


  1. ‘You broke that rule’. I love how the manager of a place that kills people for the personal entertainment of sexually-deviant millionaire investors has the nerve to moralise about anything.

  2. “Equality” “fair” unless you’re rich then when you lose you don’t have to die

  3. Who the fuck watches a show like this in english talkover😂

  4. I found out that he's the master mind simply by watching the series till the end.

  5. I saw it in the original language… this is weird.

  6. Still haven't watched.
    Still don't care because it's actually bad, people just don't watch enough old shows/movies.

  7. Nah I found out the moment I saw the number of 001 in his clothes and he got a lot of screentime 😂

  8. There is way more obvious hints pointing to it being the old man than this.

  9. I watched both. And for me original voices with eng sun works best for me but if it’s not for you then that’s fine.

  10. He wants everything fair but in actuality. Nothing is fair in it because he can always just walk away. Even when he loses, he still gets to live. Unlike anyone else, therefore, it is not fair at all.😂😂😂😂

  11. How I found out is the same for everything a weeks after a show or movies has aired the whole internet starts to spoil it

  12. I had my suspicion because of the movie The Exam.

  13. I just finished the series to found out😂😂😂

  14. Everyone go in only the knowledge and physical form they came in with. That the only thing that make thinga Fair. The strongest and smartest will win.. survival of the fittest

  15. Love squid game but not even I can defend that shit plot twist and final 2 episodes 😭

  16. The outside world is also equal. The same laws of physics and economics apply to everyone.

  17. "equality"

    people being at the back in the traffic lights game, and most of all, people being first in the glass bridge, is not equality

    the hosts of the game come up with dumb excuses to justify this slaughter

    can't wait for s2 so they face justice

  18. I smelled something fishy about him in the very first game. He was excited and smiling playing the game

  19. For me it was the front man's identity that blew my mind

  20. My answer – watch the last episode😂😂😂

  21. I knew it was the old man at the very first game.

  22. It was not an exactly a fair fight if we consider a whole lot more of factors: age, gender, height, health condition. They played under the same rules and the same games, but you're either for equality of opportunities or equality of results. In this case, it's only equality of opportunities

  23. Here me out, I have a huge hit take for Squid Game that I think kinda ruins the show for me.

    The old man being the mastermind ruins some challenges in terms of ‘Fairness’ especially in Tag of War.

    There is no way he would have actually lost if they didn't bother actually killing him in the marble game, meaning the team he was against with was guaranteed the lost.

    Another thing is, his involvement kinda goes against the whole fairness and equal rule when he himself isn't in the same situation as the other contestants.

    But hey, that's just my hot take and it's plot holes like these that kinda ruin the show a bit when you really think about it.

  24. Ngl i hated that twist

    Felt more like shock value than anything meaningful

  25. The old man filled my heart but than the main person broke it by cheating at marbles

  26. Yeah, equal… bases allmost all levels on physical prowness….

  27. In the end gi-hun visits the old man and he tells him that he made the game

  28. Oh yeah in Round 6 I love that Round 6 best movie

  29. I see American dub hasn’t changed since the early days……

  30. He’s not bro bruh he looks ugly Frontman the master

  31. Dudes will watch squid game in dub while half paying attention and then call it mid

  32. Dubbed sounds so funny 😂

    Sub is always best 💪🏽

  33. The mastermind and the old man sounds alike

  34. Honestly was so sad in the challenge show when 232 and 242 got booted from the vote of that one girl, they totally reminded me of the main dude (456) and the old guy (001), their chemistry was uncanny, the 232 kinda looked like a white American 001 even haha!

  35. I knew there's something wrong with the old man when i saw him smiling during the first game when everyone was running for his life with fear expression but he was running with a smile . That's the moment i suspected him

  36. Related to the concept of ‘fair’ games, is a game of basketball an equal opportunity to shorter players as it is taller players?

  37. It is not fair,because the old man has to be killed in the game,yet he die in the hospital this is hipocracy as always men with power will present the rulles but not play by the same rules, so f*ck them all men with power. 😎

  38. 1 He’s Player 001
    2. He knew the Red Light, Green Light song
    3. He’s not fazed by the dead bodies – or the robot (And the doll wasn't detecting him)
    4. He picked the star shape in the Honeycomb game
    5. It was Oh Il-nam that stopped the riots in the dormitory room
    6. Oh Il-nam's hands weren't tied to the rope in the Tug of War (And he had the perfect Tug of War strategy)
    7. Oh Il-nam recognised the set in marbles round because he designed it
    8. Oh Il-nam loves all the games
    9. There’s no file for player 001 in the 2020 Games
    10. Oh Il-nam had already planned the perfect ‘exit’ plan from the games
    11. His neighborhood was perfectly recreated in the Marble Game

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