Squid Game Halloween Costume | Where to buy a guard face mask

Looking for a SQUID GAME Mask this Halloween?
Chemion LED Face Mask is the answer!
You can be any shape of guard with 1 transformation led face mask

– Amazon US:
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– Amazon DE:
– Amazon MX:
– Amazon IT:
– Amazon FR:
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– Amazon CA:

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  1. When are the glasses coming back in stock?

  2. ​@CHEMION would you be interested in partnering with @theunforsakensHe's been using chemion for years and is amazing with them.

  3. This same mask is being sold by so many different companies and they lottery just re pack it

  4. The front man look like he got eyebrows tho ngl

  5. How much Led Has this Mask ans wored it with the Schining App?

  6. better to just buy a plastic one or something

  7. Wow I hope your not using Chemion app, because it’s crazy how the app works for you, but is frozen on the title screen for me for 3 days, with no one to contact for help.

  8. Every I upload a picture to the app it lowers quality beyond recognition, what do I do.

  9. I just bought mine and can't wait for it to arrive, was sorta sad it didn't have an express shipping option, I live in Australia. Is there any possible way you could get june to me faster?

  10. I have it but the Bluetooth can’t open

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