Squid Game Guards SURPRISING Details You DEFINITELY Missed!

Squid Game: the words on everyone’s lips. The topic of the town. The main content of the internet. The face of every meme. The dystopian drama has left fans everywhere hooked, with those who’ve devoured the nine-episode series already coming up with their own theories about various aspects of the twisted thriller. Straight from the mind of Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game has soared to the top of Netflix’s ranks, and with it, a whole new breed of fan mania has spawned. We have looked at the series from different angles and perspectives, and in the past few weeks we have been talking all about the facts about the series, from the behind the scenes and production costs, to the real life characters and their own personal lives, to the twists and turns and theories behind our favorite characters explained. But there might have been one perspective we are missing: the Squid Game guards. Those red overalls with masks carefully and intricately covering their faces sure make us recall the Netflix series Money Heist. And we all know that nothing too good comes out from such kinds of uniforms. They might have not been the center focus of the story, but their side stories sure did amplify the series, including the hidden laboratory for selling the competitors’ organs, to the varying shapes on their masks that show varying levels of their superiority, down to the story of Jun Ho, the police officer who infiltrated the games and gave us a clearer and closer look at the lives of the guards behind the closed game arena. They might seem to be little red minions doing what they are told, but in the story, if you look a little closer, you’ll realize that there are many more details that point to them than you might have realized. From the chosen color of their uniforms, to the overflowing pockets in their suits, here is everything you need to know and may have missed about the Squid Game guards. Before anything else, let me warn you again for the spoilers coming your way, and of course make sure to hit that subscribe button and notification bell first for more updates on this. Now, let the games begin!

The latest talk of the internet, the South Korean Netflix series that has skyrocketed to the top of the streaming platform in just a matter of DAYS after its initial release, is the country’s biggest international show yet. And real Squid Game fans are now able to research all the details, from each character’s stories, related theories, and more to the casts behind each character. Truly, such a South Korean hit does not happen every day, and when it does, it gets us hooked for days, and even months! As fans continue to ponder on the story, we seek a little more information about the guards, or the men under the red overalls and black masks. Who are they?

The meaning behind their colored uniforms

Netflix’s Squid Game has received praise for its striking visual style, but why do the guards of the eponymous game wear bright red uniforms, and why do the contestants wear green? The uniforms that the Squid Game characters wear have quickly become iconic, but they also tie into the series’ darker themes. The juxtaposition between the kids’ games and the death surrounding them is what gives Squid Game such a powerful tension. The Squid Game henchmen are therefore dressed in an inherent paradox – a color that traditionally represents mildness and childhood, but which also evokes feelings of tension and anxiety. That tension is only magnified by the fact that none of the Squid Game guards’ faces are visible, making them come across as more robotic or beastlike than human.

There’s A Gaming Reference On Guards’ Masks
Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a fun reference on the guards’ masks. Although it hasn’t been confirmed by the director.

Guards Wear A Balaclava Under Their Masks
The Front Man is responsible for some of the most horrific moments in Squid Game, with one scene highlighting how far he will go to hide participants’ identities.

The Guards’ Masks Are Foldable
A fun little detail about the guards’ masks is the fact that they’re all foldable. The portability also fits perfectly into the context of Squid Game, as guards can easily hide their masks when they’re outside blending in with civilians.

Guards Have The Most Pockets
The guards’ striking jumpsuits have the most pockets out of all the costumes in the show.

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  1. The guards are not players omfg. How will there be enough guards if only one player survives each time?

  2. The circle (if placed first in a syllable) is actually a blank consonant, and ㅗ is like an English “o”. Korean has to have two letters per syllable, though, so the ㅇ is used for syllables with no consonant. ㅈ is the “j”, so the triangle is stylized (but not uncommon).

  3. "The guards wear baclava". If they figured a way to wear a multi layered pastry with nuts in between and drenched in honey syrup, can they pls tell me?

  4. Just by reading the thumbnail how could they be players when usually only 1 player survives and there was definitely less than 100 games

  5. The guards are wearing balaclavas. A baclava is a Turkish dessert.

  6. we have this like subscribe and comment like that


  8. Season 2 will talk about corrupted police inside why the front man left his police job. His younger brother didnt die or older brother didnt shoot him so he will resurface in season 2. Oh IL Nam could be #456 real dad, thats why he did whatever #456 be a winner to compensate his guilty as a dad. Oh IL Nam means Oh #1 Man in Chinese. What a name..

  9. Terror Prediction: We are accustomed to these characters, we are accustomed to seeing people wearing masks and are comfortable not being able to identify others. I think you know where I am going

  10. The people who had chosen pink cards in the beginning were selected as guards and the players who had chosen blue cards became the participants. Moreover, the front man told the guards not to disclose their identity as some players might be knowing the face behind the mask of the guards. Thus, whenever a guard's identity was released, he was shot

  11. at many points during the show, players are shot in the head. at other times they are shot in non-fatal areas. i think itʻs possible surviving players become the guards.

  12. Love the narrator

    His horror narration channel is cool too

  13. The circle, triangle and square are used in the school system. Circle is below average, triangle is average and square is higher than average.

  14. your spoken translation of the korean word is incorrect or not korean. it is pronounced oh-jing-uh geh-eem. ojinguh means squid, geh-eem is the romanized version of game

  15. It’s mason symbols the circle triangle and square also the checkerboard at end is all symbolic. The front man wears a black cube mask which is Saturn worship plus the song he listens too all roads lead to rome

  16. Circle guards could be players but it obvious that the triangle and square guards are long term workers

  17. The pink and green uniforms are complete opposites in color wheel it’s more checker boards style duality

  18. 5:57 wrong that’s not how you say it. You sounded like chinese

  19. I didn't understand why the clothes of the guards are PINK

  20. Im sorry but the play station argument makes no sense. If its supposed to be kids games then how a out childrens shape sorter. Which i believe playstation is referencing.

  21. Mispronouncing foreign languages is fairly acceptable, but you should've taken much more consideration when saying director's last name. It's just a single word. Hwang not Wang. No fancy linguistic skills required. Calling someone in correct name is showing that person respect.

  22. I love how PlayStation have just claimed ownership of the three most basic shapes

  23. Squid = 오징어 (oh-jeeng-uh), Game = 게임 (gay-eem). ㅇ is either silent taking the place of a consonant at the beginning of a syllable with a only a vowel sound, or it sounds like -ng (as in 싱 sing). Triangle does bear a resemblance to ㅈ which sounds like j. ㅁ sounds like m, so that could come from the borrowed English word 게임 (gay-eem –> game).

  24. Circles- clean up vitamins mess and burns them

    Triangles- Kill the players in the game's

    Squares- The managers that tells the other guards what to do and also they have access to cameras

  25. Wrong. Pink is not considered feminine in Korean culture

  26. This whole video said absolutely nothing. Bunch of shitty clickbait.

  27. squid game logo: yea me guards: /:

  28. 101 is a gangster or somthing his mean and strong and gangsters are strong and mean

  29. The shapes on their masks are the same shapes used on the field of the squid game

  30. The shape. Circle.Triangle.Square

    Now look at ur back button in ur phone

  31. All I want to know is: how the fuck did they get that note into a hard boiled egg!?

  32. Most theory of guards: They were previously the yearly winners

  33. What did the squid game guards get when the game was over.

  34. I think these games are on a PlayStation cuz they’re masks

  35. people have to stop having theories with the shape on the mask… the shapes are just the shapes of hte squid game… im amazed that everyone is focusing so much on playstation like yo they play on those 3 shapes the whole time, its pretty straight forward

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