SQUID GAME’ GUARDS react to SQUID GAME #gacha #reaction

The popular SQUID game! The guards reacted to CineClips’ Squid game video in gacha club version.

Original video:

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  1. Squid Game The Musical By CineClips HD LHUGUENY & HerbalToons!

  2. Мир динозавров и рептилий says:


  3. Gente porquê os personagens estão com poses estranhas o Círculo não sai daquela pose eu achava que. Ele ia bater palma mas ele não mexe um músculo veyy

  4. you know that original video was from lhugeny?

  5. I searched squid game on Google maps and it wasn't there

  6. Squid game is not real life but I've watched the movie before

  7. Such a sweet soul like Ali's did not deserve such a cruel fate

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