Squid Game – Guard Removes his Mask [ENG SUB]

Pink Guard Removes his Mask – Squid Game Scene
Name of Actor: Lee Jeong Jun

Squid Game but it’s Discord

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  1. This looks so fun! I'd do this if I was a player in squid game.

  2. And that's what the point of the mask is.

  3. not really smart of him to remove the mask if he knew protocol was to kill unmasked soldiers. Would have had better chances not removing the mask.

  4. WTH squares can show face and I thought the guy getting shot was triangle in first but now a square

  5. I would edit the face of square to Chinese egg man

  6. I hate all the squid game guards they are evil and I don't like it


  8. The square mask boy was so young and handsome ❤️🤭

  9. This was the best scene in this episode was he was killed from his boss

  10. when the guy turned around he was probably thinking “oh well” gunshot 😂

  11. 😥😥😣😣😢😢😪😪😓😓😔😔😔😔😢😢😓😓😣😣😥

  12. Can someone tell me what the square guards do in squid game are they the front man’s bodyguards

  13. If we get another season, I hope we can see more about the soldiers

  14. The guy in the green could've shot a couple of them, he was gonna die regardless. Take out a few while he's at it lol

  15. My 3rd son doesn’t like squid games show I told him it’s not appropriate to watch it I wish Netflix would get rid of it

  16. I love how the front man’s gun sounds more deep and almost powerful compared to ones the guards used

  17. I’m not watching this show, I’ll end up crying for hours

  18. This show was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever watched, The fact that it won Emmys over better call Saul honestly makes me depressed for the state of mankind

  19. He shouldn't have ordered the guard to take his mask off… He should've turned the gun on the triangle soldiers while holding him as a human shield. Of course they'd have opened fire immediately but he could have taken down 3-4 of them before dying, that way.

  20. What kinda sick idiot would want to plan a game like this in a show

  21. I hope part 2 explains who all these guards were and why they look so dead inside

  22. liar game (2014) and gantz (2010) have a similar premise

  23. Squid games sequel is in the making, the producers, director, writers, actors are all captured and subjected their own fantasy.. no one gets out alive. Streaming soon on Netflix and Disney,+

  24. Why did the front man kill player 199 he should’ve just let the player be alive

  25. I am a fricking kid and now I'm traumatized. Maybe I'll become a guard too.

  26. Guard: Removes his mask
    Me: “Damn! He’s good looking!”
    I know. Wtf is wrong with me?

  27. Kinda a plothole how he didn't take the MP5

  28. if he has a square mask obviously he's been through alot, barely even flinched when the guy killed himself

  29. The cop changed to a square symbol mask and then switch back to a circle one. Why?

  30. he is a kid but why he join the bad guys what did they do to him

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