Squid Game – Guard Removes his Mask [ENG SUB]

Pink Guard Removes his Mask – Squid Game Scene
Name of Actor: Lee Jeong Jun

Squid Game but it’s Discord

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  1. Everyone's gangsta until you hear a crack 😳

  2. Did the Square guard get shot on the left or right arm? If I am correct, there was blood on his (I mean his!!) right arm. Or is it just me?

  3. I laughed so hard when the back row of guards pretty much went "chile, anyways" and finished off their murder spree before turning back to him

  4. That would’ve been crazy if the players attacked the guards

  5. I kind of wonder why he wanted the guard to remove his mask

  6. wait> did you not see the shape of his mask just changed ?

  7. I feel bad for that one triangle guard: He was just doing his job and all of a sudden, he gets a needle to the eye.

  8. This scene is honestly heartbreaking, especially at 1:48, the gaurd is literally so young but has had all emotion and morality stripped from him, you can tell by the blank expression in his eyes.

  9. If he was going to kill himself he could have atleast tried to take some guards with him since he was going to die anyways

  10. the square gurd should run when the player had gun

  11. Player 119 felt guilty shooting the young square guard and commit suicide

  12. 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖘50🍥 says:

    wtf todo por un dulce en forma de Paragua :v

  13. Can you do the green light red light scene

  14. It would be cool if guards are the family members, friends, and loan sharks of the players. A lot of the players were horrible to people and stole money from them.

  15. Dreams face will shock us even more than his face reveal…

  16. It’s so amaging video.

    From. (ㅁ) Soldier

  17. See someone shoot himself in front of him
    Square guard: "oh ok cool, now my turn to die"

  18. Kemberly Francesca Reyes Samanamud Ventocilla says:

    The question I have is why did player 119 kill himself just by seeing the soldier's face?

    I thought it was his son or someone he knew, if you know the answer tell me lol.

    good video hehe

  19. What player literally killed himself and front man killed the guard

  20. sim bot right there when he kill man when the guys took off his mask

  21. Why would the guards kill every player in the honeycomb

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