Squid Game – Guard Removes his Mask [ENG SUB]

Pink Guard Removes his Mask – Squid Game Scene
Name of Actor: Lee Jeong Jun

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. God Damn… I never knew that was just a kid, I got concerned the first time I saw this

  3. My guess is that he joined the Squid Game for his family, and he must have had a son who was the same age as the guard or he died or something, and he was reminded of this and killed himself.

  4. Squaremask Officer: removes mask

    The Front Man: "And I took that personally."

  5. A question why did the the black one killed the guard the young boy

  6. He was so young and manage to get square mask

  7. Terrifying but also fun show but it's made to be watched just once in my opinion

  8. 1:44 the face I make everytime someone goes into my sit without permission

  9. When your boss leaves his office to personally fire you

  10. FrontMan: Remember. When they find out who u are. U die.


  11. He did tell us to always put our mask on maybe he didnt have IQ….

  12. The fact that the square kid didn’t even flinch when the guy shot himself shows that he’s seen a lot


  14. His loyalty tho, it's like he knew he placed his deathbed when he took off his mask.

  15. Anybody else laugh when 119 stabs that one guard in the eye?

  16. Possible theory:

    Some of the guards (squares, triangles, and circles) might be close friends/family members of former Squid Game players in the past, if not actual past winners themselves.

  17. For someone like that, it's easy to disarm because they are too full of fear to pull the trigger effectively. All it takes is a small and simple distraction, and you could snatch that gun before he could even begin to pull the trigger. Hell, simply pointing at something to cause them to just glance away would be enough, or acting like your going to do what they ask and then suddenly going for the gun, but that would only work if they're close enough, which he was.

  18. It’s implied that the guards were all children taking from trafficking. A terrible problem all over the world and particularly in east asia

  19. This literally doesnt make any sense. When he doesnt take off his mask he dies when he reveals himself he dies!

  20. why did the old man eliminate people by killing them? what

  21. ꧁[VIP]⃢SSB2•Freddy⃢• off⃟icial⃤꧂ says:

    Bro You Host Shoot a Player

  22. I'm a bit confused how he got shot then took off his mask and seemed ok

  23. SHe's Yung Kid With Jun Ho Square Masks😲.

  24. What!!! it's April fool's day happy April fool's day's everyone


  26. Short appearance but the man was a good character. He at least fight for his survival, being angry at how unfair the game was which is reasonable. To the very end, despite his misery, he kept his dignity and take himself out instead of the young man

  27. Last sentence makes no sense: "Once they find out who you are, you die."
    There was no person left in the room who could remember his face.

  28. But. atleast i whouldve gotten a brain , All the guards where looking at the guard kid getting attacked and pointing the gun at the player who kills himself. But.. The players where behind them. and the guards didnt notice. im pretty sure the door is open because there is always 1 guard watching it and guarding it- But.. All the guards where standing. So. They had 2 mins and 29 seconds to escape-

  29. Impressive when I saw it I thought it was a man with a beard

  30. these mfs really gettin killed by some playstation controller buttons

  31. What why front man killed his only over and squid game guard 2:09

  32. I like the fact that he stood up for his rights…

  33. He probably got that junk from Korean Walmart😂

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